Psychadelic Rainbow Marble Cookies | Cupcake Jemma |

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July 28, 2016
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Psychadelic Rainbow Marble Cookies | Cupcake Jemma

Moving house is tiring and you don’t know where any of your stuff is for ages and when that happens, you just want to be able to bake something super simple but still really fun. These Psychadelic Rainbow Marble Cookies are just that!

Recipe –

125g unsalted butter, soft
160g caster sugar
1 lg egg
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
240g plain flour
Food colouring and silver balls!


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  1. Madison Hitchings says:

    H💿L💿 everyone!😉

  2. Daisy Z. says:

    When she said simple, i thought she meant the recipe.😂 but she meant the mixing tools!!!!

  3. Dre says:

    Gemma where did you get the tiny spatulas from must have them

  4. L L says:

    what brand of color paint u use?

  5. SugarCoder - DIY Desserts & Crafts says:

    These cookies look awesome, Jemma! 😀

  6. You Rea says:

    ☹️ I baked this today but idk what happened ,my cookie spread out the shaped. But this cookie is soooo delicious despite of unshaped cookie..

  7. Tim Green says:

    Just wanted to say "Congratulations!" On the New House and I hope you bribed some friends to help! I am in Canada so we use beer and pizza but you have this and other options!

  8. HelenaBlack80 says:

    The dough looks like a Pizazz lolly

  9. Mari Woo says:

    Where do u get all ur spatulas and mini spatulas etc?

  10. Luz Segura says:

    This is the vanilla extract I have been wondering about! I know you did a video on vanilla extracts and how to make them but this is the one I am interested in since it's a very thick extract. Please reply….

  11. Sarah Bearheart says:

    Is there a way to make cookies white?

  12. Finn Prendergast says:

    can you use food colouring

  13. Sal Linares says:

    Does it say….cause I'm thinking of becoming a pastry chef but don't know the qualifications

  14. xviditas says:

    i made these without the rainbow colours and added chocolate chips, and they were great! my whole family loved them ^^

  15. Akiko M says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! I made a batch for a friend's birthday party, turned out to be a great hit for both kids and grown-ups! I was asked several times how to create this colourful swirls 🙂 This is such a fun cookie to make!!

  16. Maheswaran Sanjana says:

    how much should we put if we are using food colouring liquids

  17. Sheereen Teo says:

    How many cookies can you make with the recipe?

  18. Yahshi says:

    i love your new kitchen its so cute 😉

  19. Just Dance PH says:

    Whos jemma is this ? Is she the wife of dan?

  20. Keyami Janae says:

    Love ur videos! You inspire me to bake and cook as I get older. THANK U!

  21. Bhuvaneis Ganesan says:

    I tried this recipe but when I roll out my dough it cracked and crumbled into pcs and when I combine and knead my marble effect is gone and also when I put into the oven and take out it wasn't crunchy at all it was chewy like and not crispy at all 🙁

  22. Daniella Scambiatterra says:

    could you please do a video with all your equipment and where you got them from? believe it or not i cant find anything called a spoonula!

  23. Kasandra Hodge says:

    Can you freeze the dough? If so how long can you keep it for? Thanks 🙂

  24. Hashim Suhaimi says:

    what do you do when your dough is to soft after putting in the fridge?

  25. Alissa Siti Haura says:

    i've just made this cookies and they turn out amazingly beautiful. but i got some issues, for me it's too sweet and the dough was a little bit too loose, can i add less sugar and more flour to make them right next time?

  26. Tabitha Warburton says:

    I once made a marble cake and forgot to marble it

  27. Rebecca Faith says:

    What are the measurements in cups?

  28. Sofia L says:

    lovely cookies im going to make some of these! 🙂

  29. promt shnitzel says:

    Great recipe! But I always feel uncomfortable when she doesn't scrape that remaining batter on the attachment 😂😂

  30. Emily Pong says:

    I use sugarflair for colouring, works really well!!!

  31. TheBabyclover says:

    Wow you published this on my birthday I gotta make this 😆

  32. Uffaira Tariq says:

    You are excellent in baking

  33. timsa bajpai says:

    Being a child its difficult for me to use the weighing scale so could u plz give the measurements in cups, tablespoons and teaspoons plz

  34. TayTaayyy! says:

    Almost looks like the guy from the "company is coming" video

  35. Saknika says:

    That feeling when a weight watchers ad plays before the video starts… LOL

  36. I'm Taskin says:

    Hi capcakejemma can you make a marshmallows meringue macaron I know that sound crazy but can you make it👩

  37. Alicia Diane says:

    Sugarflair is available in the US on Amazon. The super contacted colors work awesome for red. Because, red tastes, really bad

  38. Vella says:

    I know the trend is old now but can you do a mirror glaze cake ???

  39. Nigel Walsh says:

    Hi Jemma, not sure if I'll get an answer back ( I've not done in the past ). I made these cookies at the weekend and although they looked amazing after drizzling with white chocolate and glitter etc, my cookies were soft and not crisp? What would the reason be for this as I followed the recipe to the "T" …… I did upload my photos in Instagram 🙂 nigewalsh13

  40. Gulya Swift says:


  41. Canuckmom1958 says:

    Silver drages…a killer for anyone with silver amalgam dental fillings. 😖. Pretty cookies…a little white chocolate drizzle would be yummy, too.

  42. Zoe Elliott says:

    Is there no leavening?

  43. Mary Anne Lavender says:

    I'm making this for my dad for his birthday and I am using a heart cookie cutter to show him I love him. Thank you so much Jemma for sharing this recipe. This is simple yet tasty. Crunchy, fun…I absolutely love it! Keep up the good work and give us more amazing recipes, Jemma! You've earned yourself another subscriber and fan!

  44. Mitchell Robless says:


  45. Kimadhyat Maharaj says:

    Can you use this recipe for cut out sugar cookies 🍪

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