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How to make Chewy Salted Caramels | Cupcake Jemma
How to make Chewy Salted Caramels | Cupcake Jemma |
June 23, 2016
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How to Make Magical Coloured Chocolate Bark | Cupcake Jemma |
July 7, 2016
Chewy Salted Caramel Cookie Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

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As if making deliciously irresistible Salted Caramels last week wasn’t enough, I am so happy to give you this recipe for Chewy Caramel Cookies, so you can use up any Caramels you have left over!

Recipe –

350g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
230g soft unsalted butter
100g caster sugar
155g soft light brown sugar
45g demerara sugar
1 large free range egg
1 tsp vanilla
18 chewy salted caramels


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  1. Lara Taberham says:

    Hi Jemma,
    Just wondering, can you incorporate the salted caramel sauce into the batter instead of using the hard salted caramels?

  2. latha murali says:

    cupcake jemma, please give a substitute for egg!!

  3. christina marie says:

    I haven't been able to find demerara sugar here in the US

  4. wsx zaq says:

    This probably works for chocolate fudge as well? 😀

  5. jeonnie says:

    hello there! just want to ask something. in my country, it is rather difficult for me to find brown sugar. so, what thing should I use if I can't find brown sugar? I really want to try this recipe so much:( thank you, and have a nice day!

  6. Jeri Hurd says:

    These were fine but mine didn't develop many cracks for some reason, and the cookie absorbed 90% of the caramel, even though I put good-sized pieces in.

  7. Thea Klonari says:

    just tried this recipe is there a way to reduce sugar ? or it will affect the outcome ? thank you !

  8. Autumn Jade says:

    I tried this recipe a more simpler way. I am American so I used American based products from my local grocery store. I bought tollhouse cookie dough and regular caramel chew candies. And my oh my the cookies came out delicious!!!!!!

  9. Florence Guerin says:

    Something went wrong and I don't know what. At 170 for 12 minuets my cookies were pale and no cracking. The caramel (which was perfect and delicious) stuck to the baking sheet, a mess. HELP

  10. kushi ranjan says:


  11. Carol Ilse Anne says:

    I really don't like salted caramel, but it's so difficult to find 'unsalted' caramel anything!

  12. sookyung byun says:

    if i have no demerara sugar,can i use brown sugar 200g?
    why did you put idemerara sugar into them?
    does it affect crunchy cookie?

  13. Changhwa Jung says:

    can i use the dough without the caramel is it still good?

  14. devil dancingvlogs says:

    Free subscribers please

  15. Saz Jane says:

    These are great!! I made the caramel sweets this morning and decided I had to make a batch of these too!! They came out perfectly so anyone having issues all I can say is that it’s the bought caramels that are causing it as mine are identical to those Jemma made!! And the caramel was simple too!! I make fudge normally so caramels made a nice change!

  16. Anthony Baking says:

    What is demera sugar I really want to make these but don't know what it is

  17. shawni banani says:

    Can we use other sugar if we don't have the light brown sugar?

  18. Izzat Firdaus Fuad says:

    Hi jemma i just wanna ask can I substitute demerara sugar with something else cause in malaysia it hard to find one..?

  19. ツ Not Alyvia says:


  20. aegean emre says:

    Can we make own caramel sauce and filled with this sauce in our cookies?

  21. Yolanda Estabillo says:

    I tried making these but mine won’t spread out. Does this have anything to do with the quality of butter?
    Please help

  22. Adrianna Labuda says:

    I gave this recipe a go and while the cookies turned out super delicious, they spread out so much on my baking tray that they ended up in all kinds of weird shapes. How do you make your cookies so perfectly round???

  23. Hero Sondak says:

    how to make that chewy caramel

  24. Shōyō Hinata says:

    Tip for the scale. Place your bowl with the batter on the scale and tare it, then you can take out 25 grams (the scale will show -25g).

  25. denisse vanessa sanchez quintero says:

    In colombia 🇨🇴 only exist demerara sugar

  26. Sergei Ivanov says:

    Please help!!! Why my cookies have not any crackles on top and why they don’t flatten like in this video??

  27. MrBradymoss says:

    Jemma I bet you are pretty kinky….The kinda girl you read about…Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!

  28. umonrs 06 says:

    I’ll be your friend Jemma 💕🌎😘
    EDIT: like if you would be friends with Jemma 💕

  29. Calicos Groove says:

    TY & why did I wake up to.this today? Lol…looks amazingly delish haha & will try!

  30. Calicos Groove says:

    Pullimg them apart waa just unfair! Mirning foid orgasm for sure! Will make amd eat the whole batch Jenna! lol

  31. Kusumita Rao says:

    What's demarara sugar?

  32. Domonique Cierra says:

    Can't hardly wait to make these but I am having a hard time doing the american conversions to bake them 🙁 117 c or is it 170 c for baking which is what temp conversation for degrees?

  33. Sophia Herley says:

    Hi 👋🏼 over here in the U.S. Never heard of caster sugar… can I use regular white granulated sugar instead?

  34. Hussain says:

    followed the recipe to the letter, yet my cookies look super pale!!! and are not spreading,,, anyone with the same problem ?

  35. Aerobic Moamen says:

    These look amazing😍I can't wait to try these cookies!
    Thanks for the recipe , I will surely try this salted caramel cookies out💕

  36. Alex Lev says:

    Where can I see the exact recepie majeors… pleaseeeee

  37. Alex Lev says:

    May i use a regular caramel?

  38. Jane Wirawan says:

    I made these but the caramel kinda exploded 😅 my cookies became like a pond of caramel

  39. Adelia Manibod says:

    omg i just made these and they are the best cookies i’ve ever made 😋😋definitely recommend this

  40. Andrea B says:

    Can we put these in the freezer as well?

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