How to Make the Cutest Unicorn Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma |

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How to Make the Cutest Unicorn Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

We love unicorns here at Crumbs & Doilies, as I’m sure you do too. What’s not to love? And these Unicorn Cupcakes (a big favourite in our Soho store) are the perfect treat for Unicorns and humans alike!

Recipe –

125g unsalted butter, soft
125g self raising flour
125g caster sugar
2 large, free-range eggs
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1.5 tbs milk
Pink, yellow and blue food colour pastes
Marshmallow fluff
A half batch of Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Some sprinkles and rainbow meringues


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  1. Theresa T says:

    Jemma! Where do you get your mini spatulas from??

  2. Sabrina N says:

    Can someone translate the recipe into American please?

  3. Marlyn Janet Juera says:

    Hi Jemma. can I ask your advice please how to have a nice dome cupcake that rises well because mine sometimes it shrunk and some just flattened..thanks

  4. Ella Maddocks says:

    Do you need bicarbonate of soda?? XBecause I don't have it will it still work x

  5. ana luisa ulloa says:

    so glad i found your channel¡¡

  6. abby duns says:

    At Crumb's and Dolly is there anyone else who has a youtube channel and what's their name

  7. Samantha Isabel says:

    I love unicorn cupcake's

  8. ᄀ안나 says:

    What is caster sugar can I use regular white sugar?

  9. Henna Arif says:

    can you make rainbow cupcakes

  10. Khristyne says:

    just out of curiosity, what is the bg music?

  11. niamh mangan xo says:

    What could you use instead of an Apple corer

  12. bluebird fly says:

    hi jemma..can I use all purpose flour instead of self raising flour?

  13. M says:

    Why does Jemma mix the food colouring with the milk? I just want to know in  case I ever make a multi coloured sponge and it's something you need to do or something?

  14. Saiya Graves says:

    Whenever Jemma cores her cupcakes, I always think she should glaze and sprinkle the bits she takes out of the middles.

  15. laura bueso says:

    Is 125g 1/2 cup????

  16. Jessica Preston says:

    I seen the word unicorn and here I am ❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼

  17. Victoria Burgess says:

    I made these, they were a huge hit! Jemma is my absolute fave.

  18. Logang Maverick says:

    Does anyone notice in the middle she used Stacy plays mistic mysa(Sorry if I spelled it wrong) lol😂

  19. Kh Win says:

    do a rainbow mirror cake

  20. Lara Gould says:

    Hi Gemma I don't like fluff so would I be able to just use butter cream in the middle plz respond to this

  21. Amina Ragab says:

    do a colab with the scram line!!!

  22. Abbie Dunn says:

    Colab with zoella

  23. Selena Edward says:

    how much baking soda??

  24. Nicole da Silva says:

    Hi Jemma!! I live in a hot country so whenever I make meringue kisses and place them on top of the buttercream. It melts within 10mins. HELP!!!!

  25. Fatima says:

    Her glasses made me cringe af

  26. Lucy croysdill says:

    Great cupcake but my buttercream split. Not sure why?

  27. lia hayley says:

    Your good at baking

  28. Ma Laura Viteri Melo says:

    Which kind of buttercream is your favorite?

  29. Fairouz Agha says:

    Wonderful baker

  30. ateng lee says:

    Can I use all purpose flour?

  31. Rainbow Unicorn says:

    Hey. that's what I eat every day! no biggie… 😉

  32. Hattie Millard says:

    170 degrees 20 mins

  33. deepak says:

    They don't look like unicorns

  34. Madaline Torosidis says:

    cant wait to try it in my kichen soon

  35. Madaline Torosidis says:

    oh and thank you

  36. Jenny Ideal Homes says:

    I'm going to make the unicorn cupcakes tonight!

  37. Connie Hawkins says:

    Hey can you use anything as a substitute for baking soda Xx

  38. loulou marwa says:

    You are just amaizing i ❤

  39. Mary Anne Lavender says:

    I love your glasses! So cute!

  40. Mary Anne Lavender says:

    1:12 I highly suspect that she's not using vanilla extract…

  41. Mary Anne Lavender says:

    What is marshmallow fluff? Is it just melted marshmallows? There aren't any here in China.

  42. Nicharas Tharaphongwarut says:

    I love your cupcakes,every video so cute,wanna have some too.

  43. Kimadhyat Maharaj says:

    Loving the glasses 👓

  44. haleema miskin says:

    Sooo Lovely ……Jemma..❤

  45. fumiko tanaka says:


  46. Kusinang Bicolana says:

    amazing unicorn cupcake i will try this soon.

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