Brilliant Banoffee Pie Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

How to Make Dulce de Leche | Cupcake Jemma
How to Make Dulce de Leche | Cupcake Jemma |
June 2, 2016
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June 16, 2016
Brilliant Banoffee Pie Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Now that you know how to make Dulce De Leche, you need to know what else you can do with it, apart from eating it out of the can with a spoon on your own. So here is my recipe for one of my all time favourite puddings, Banoffee Pie! Go bananas!

200g digestive biscuits/graham crackers
75g pecan nuts
100g melted butter
1 can of dulce de leche
4 small bananas
300-500ml double cream (+ 1tbsp instant coffee granules if you like)
1-2 tbs caster sugar


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  1. Carale Kim 'CK says:

    Hi guys!! anyone know how much is the oven that she's using?? thanks 🙂

  2. Zooumberg says:

    Hi Jemma, how come you don't have an accent?

  3. Lydia M. says:

    could we make dulce de leche a day before we use it or will its texture change?

  4. Pranisha Prasad says:

    I don't get pecan nuts that easily in India. Which other nut can I use instead of pecan @Cupcake jemma

  5. sadroses2 says:

    I used your pecany biscuit base and poured How To Cook That's mocha cremeux over it. It was heavenly! Love your channel 😀

  6. Seda House says:

    If everything is so simple, then maybe one's brutal husband will start kicking his wife every day demanding some new sort of treat and thus getting more and more aggressive.
    Everyone keep saying that everything is very easy, but surely everyone will feel hard for the first some times making something and feel Really stupid knowing that it was very easy.
    Is that why you didn't say it here ? ))

  7. Ayesha Iqbal says:

    any substitue for pecan? dont have these around where I live

  8. pomegran azizi says:

    Why r u so cute. Seriously.

  9. barb Snyder says:

    From us and I never heard of it but sounds good

  10. Alice Minchin says:

    I made this for a thanksgiving dinner and it was the most popular dessert!!! Woohoo how can you beat dulce de leche

  11. Thatalkemar says:

    Can i replace butter with oil

  12. Christopher Brown says:

    I just made this . No words needed 😋🤤🤤

  13. Mrs M says:

    You inspire me so much I'm from South Africa love you 🌸

  14. Jill Pritchard says:

    Ho Jemma, I have got to say I am quite upset with you at this point. I see you eating these luscious desserts and snacks and treats and you stay as Slim as as ever! I have to watch everything I eat because of Hypoglycemia. So now I say I have a reason to eat lots of chocolates and caramel but now that I am coming over to the house so much, I went with the family trip and I saw pictures of me when I was nice and slim but now I have to taste test the food I am making to know if it can be served or not. Other than that, everything else is great. I hope you are having a great time planning your wedding. I am very excited for you and the lucky man! Thank you very much for giving us all your time with your videos and recipes and answering questions. You are a very sweet lady and I would love to meet you in person. Take care and Best Wishes,
    Irish Jilli

  15. n a says:

    Fave dessert!!

  16. Abee Abee says:

    WOW! Can I use cream cheese instead?? 🙂

  17. neva shiva says:

    Made it, it was delicious, I didn't add the bananas, hatem.

  18. klara savblom says:

    Personally I would like it better if there were more bananas and dulce de leche because I don't really like cream that much. Anyway, GREAT RECIPE!!! I will try it.😊

  19. Jennifer Harrison says:

    Do you have a cookbook?

  20. Jazzmin Douglas says:

    Looks lovely but do you make diabetic cakes x

  21. Lisa Jong says:

    I made this last year for my birthday, so delicious! So I’m making it for my birthday this year as well😄

  22. BJ says:

    Banoffee pie rocks!
    Thanks for the video:)
    I make mine with speculoos, brown sugar and butter for the base, home made salty caramel sauce, caramelized and flambées bananas with rum and mascarpone chantilly, I swear to you it rocks!

  23. Cheryl Centenio/Blessed Virgin Mother says:

    Looks great. 👍

  24. Klaas Klaas says:

    We can buy the whipped cream on shop for do this very fast

  25. BeardedDanishViking says:

    Trust me, when I hear that the americans invented something, I think of things that horribly kill people, not yummy sweet things.

  26. kelli blue says:

    oooh shoulda added a bit of coffee, love!

  27. MrDnbfreak says:

    Didn't the Scottish make it? I thought

  28. Moving Forward says:

    Whipping the cream by hand…that's hard work. Looks delicious.

  29. Isa Faria says:

    Amazing! I am ready to make oe right now…but firrst I need to know iif we can use walnuts intead of pecans (as I don;t have them at the moment!). THANK YOU! Can't await! 🙂

  30. Supriya Mehra says:

    I am tooooooo hungry 😋😋😋😋😋😋

  31. Егор Крид says:

    Dulce de leche – Boiled shugar milk ( сгущённое молоко )

  32. Mariam Rafiq says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I shall be trying this next week at my dinner party.

  33. Rabya Sheikh says:

    Hi. Can I replace pecans with walnuts? Thx for the amazing recipes. 🌷

  34. Naja Newell says:

    Hello CupcakeJemma! I hope this message finds you well. I am a producer at INSIDER and I recently found this amazing video and we would love to feature it in one of our videos about desserts around the world! For a little knowledge about us, INSIDER is a part of Business Insider. All of your footage will be credited with your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube page. 

    Please let me know if this is okay with you! You can also email me at

  35. Amore Nix Quizana says:


  36. susan knutie says:

    My husband is from England and makes this pie. She does it a little differently, so I sent this to him.

  37. Geraldine Buenafe says:

    do you have the recipe pls?

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