How to Make Dulce de Leche | Cupcake Jemma |

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How to Make Dulce de Leche | Cupcake Jemma

I bet you thought that making Dulce de Leche, one of the most delicious condiments in existence, would be a right proper faff. Well it’s not. And here’s the proof…

Recipe –

1 can of sweetened condensed milk



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  1. thurston mirolav says:

    I would still watch if she does a 7 hours long video

  2. Jo-Anne Prentice says:

    So off I go to buy a few tins of condensed milk…on the shelf right beside the condensed milk are tins of dulce de leche. Who’d want to make it when the condensed milk manufacturer already has!?!

  3. Anglica Edwards says:

    7 hours🙁

  4. Peanuts says:

    This is the Dutch way: I buy some tins of condensed milk. Put them in a pan with water. Make sure the tins are completely under water. Then bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for appr. 2 hours. Let it cool completely and keep them in the fridge. Can be kept this way for a couple of months. Always ready at hand when you're graving for it! :0 )

  5. Dino Mark Orencia says:

    you just need to stir for 7 hours. Easy.😂

  6. Diego Morales says:

    Use a crockpot, several tins at once no worries

  7. Powiston Pied Pythons says:

    Oh god use a bloody pressure cooker!

  8. DarwishEG says:

    *Orgasmic noises*

  9. kelli blue says:

    Here in the southern US you can buy pre-made cans/tins of dulce de leche, but I admit it's kind of fun making your own (and it may even taste better that way, LOL). 🙂

  10. leo says:

    Not as good as the original one. I make mine by boilind and stirring milk for about 2 hours.

  11. Beatrice Nkundwa says:

    Thank you for your help.

  12. jay an says:

    You dont need to cover it?

  13. Ebz YaDig says:

    Sis ahe just say stir for 7 hrs tf hard pass

  14. tae's lost bag says:

    2.12 Love your hair…

  15. Max Hoogland says:


  16. Max Hoogland says:

    It is so simple!!!😀😀😀😀😀

  17. Caroline Watton says:

    How long can you keep this for? In the closed tin as well as opened?

  18. Bintell reg says:

    0:50 "Milk without the water in it" Isn't that called milk powder?

  19. C. C. diedrich says:

    My great grandmother taught me to make this 60 plus years ago. After its done, refrigerate then after chilled, open can, slide out in a solid form. Slice off a slice and place on lettuce. Top with maraschino cherry and juice.

  20. Lilly says:

    Not only Argentina! Chile too

  21. javier silva says:

    La verdad voy a probar lo que iso está conchuda . Estoy en México y acá le dicen cajeta a algo parecido , pero no igual. Uruguay carajo 🇺🇾!!!!

  22. Fuad foad says:

    Can I have the lid on ??? 😱😱😱

  23. flowerpower says:

    I remember my mum was making a chocolate/cream/coffee flavoured frozen dessert thing, and she boiled cans of condensed milk (i was like why is boilong cans 😂) which she then put on top of the dessert. It was Delicious and we didn't even know what dulce de leche was back then lol

  24. Enchanting World says:

    I made it with 1litre milk n less than half kg sugar n 1tsp vanilla. It was done fabulously in an hour but i had to stand by so that it will not spill. I think i over reduced that because it was first time, so when it was hot it had paste like consistancy but when it got cold it became like a stone. Can u tell how to avoid that stone like form and to keep that in liquid form?

  25. Alex Guerriero says:

    It’s called caretaking and comes from Mexico. You can put the can in a pressure pan.

  26. Savannah Sumrall says:

    You can make dolce de leche with milk and sugar in an hour and a half.

  27. Marcia D says:

    Just made it! Thank you

  28. Lots 'A' Cluckin' Farm says:

    Thumbs up If your here from "Him and Her" !

  29. Hoi Ying Annika WONG says:

    the moment when she said its so so so simple i was like HELL YEA then she said stir for 7 hours and i was like 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 she said it like it was 7 mins!!!!!!!!!

  30. G P says:

    The dulce de leche was invented in Argentina by a lady who was cooking milk and sugar and forgot it in the stove, when she came back to check it she realized it was made into what we called today dulce de leche. 🇦🇷♥️

  31. •One ova Kind• says:

    Lol, Lol, Lol! I almost tuned out when I heard the 7 HOUR STRETCH! 🤣 Luckily I stuck around and happily boiling away now…
    Thanks so much! 👍🏼
    Signed, A Canadian Girl, eh!

  32. **** says:

    My mom would make this often when I was a kid and hide it in a plastic container in the fridge, (from me) to spoon out that much needed scoop of sugar to keep sane every once in awhile! When I was lucky enough to see it in the fridge, I had to sneak a spoonful because my mom was never one to share the sweets! This is SSOOOO good, the kind of good that makes your eyes roll back in your head when eating it!!

  33. Linda Hannan says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣💞🤶🎄🎅 xx

  34. HD EW says:

    Didn't work for me 🙁 opened the can up after boiling it for 2,5 hours and letting it completely cool, and i only had one dark brown bit and everything else was still pretty much condensed milk colour only a bit thicker. Will still eat it though, just won't be able to spread it on my cake as I had planned. The cake failed as well actually, half of it got stuck in the cake tin. Not my day, I guess.

  35. Nathan Drake says:

    PSA for anyone making dulce de leche, make sure the water isn't too hot because you can end up with lumpy dulce de leche which is what I got the first time I made it.

  36. Lucy Holmes says:

    If you plan to keep this, put it in a container or jar and into the fridge and use within a month. Don’t leave it inside the tin because something about heating it up and then leaving will impart a metal taste into it.

  37. Simona Veselá says:

    It didn't work for me, 3 lost hours

  38. Johnny Nava Ferreira says:

    Escus me y is NOT from Argentina its from Latin America is not a Argentina ide !!!

  39. Filip nieznasz says:

    5 minutes for video that can take 1 minute.
    Dulce de Leche is made by adding sugar to milk, evaporating water and letting it brown. To make it a lot quicker and easier buy canned condensed milk and simmer it in a pan with some water (closed can). The longer you boil it the darker it will get. Remember to keep can covered in water.

  40. Alyandra Queen Terceño says:

    For how long can this be stored? How do you store this?

  41. Anja Rexha says:

    Too complicated

  42. lorena nunes says:

    Here in South America a lot of us put the cans in a pressure cooker because it cuts down the time and also eliminates the need to refill the pot all the time.
    You’ll only have to cook it for 20 – 30 min on a low heat depending on how firm you like your doce de leite.
    Pro tip: if you don’t like it overly sweet, try adding a pinch of salt and the juice of half a lemon and giving it a good stir.

  43. oolong_cat says:

    Double dipping!

  44. sochen says:

    это ведь просто вареная сгущенка………………

  45. crazy girl 101 says:

    How many people have the time now because there's nothing else to do in 2020

  46. tookie cookie says:

    very helpful thanks!!!!!!

  47. soylentgreenb says:

    The can lining is almost always epoxy and contains a hormone disruptor, bisfenol A. Hearing the whole tin for long periods of time is dubious. It may or may not greatly increase the amount of bisphenol leached into the food.

  48. Sebastiaan Winkelmeijer says:

    April fools episode: you actually make the 7 hour dulce de leche and don’t edit it down

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