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Masterclass: How to Cover a Cake with Sugarpaste/Fondant | Cupcake Jemma
Masterclass: How to Cover a Cake with Sugarpaste/Fondant | Cupcake Jemma |
May 19, 2016
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The Best Madeira Cake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |
May 26, 2016
How to Make White Chocolate Ganache | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

If you watched my latest Masterclass on how to achieve a professional finish on your sugarpasted/fondant cakes, you may be wondering how to make White Chocolate Ganache. Well, wonder no longer! Here is the recipe. If you didn’t watch it GO AND WATCH IT NOW!


3:1 white chocolate:double cream

eg. 300g white chocolate:100g cream



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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Alisa Mohammed says:

    Can I use the liquid stage to make a drip cake ?

  2. Melanie Lagumbay says:

    may i know what is 3:1 on the cream?

  3. BakeAwayBy hajira says:

    Is this reciepe enough for 2 lb cake fristing

  4. thesleepingsoter says:

    If I wanted to colour the frosting of the final stage, at which point should I add the food colouring, before, after or during the whipping?

  5. Sophie Ankoku says:

    This is so tasty! Made it yesterday as the top layer for my fruit cake 😍 I just added some orange peels inside 💕

  6. Hawsa r says:

    Thank youuu

  7. FDarwiche says:

    Does it work with milk chocolate? 💓

  8. Maryelen Loughran says:

    How long does it keep in the fridge for ?

  9. Mon Soymon says:

    For regular chocolate ganache (not white) is the ratio the same?

  10. Victoria Shevchenko says:

    I saw recipes where you add cream cheese. Is it different?


    What is white chocolate ganache for? Can you measure it with cups like the measuring cups used not with ml and grams because i don't know how to measure it with ml and grams and because we don't have a scale

  12. Rowena Philip says:

    can you show a VEGAN white chocolate ganache? ,for frosting and dripping imake vegan birthday cakes for my children, could do with a recepie for a 8 & 6 inch 2 tier cake please.

  13. watermelonwalker says:

    Anyone know can this be used as the 'drip' on a drip cake? Doesn't look very runny?

  14. Lankan Cravings says:

    Please could you kindly tell me how much white chocolate ganache I need to frost a 8” cake.

  15. Hannah York says:

    I tried this twice. It unfortunately didn’t work. Not sure if the white chocolate had too high of fat content. It just wouldn’t whip!

  16. Amy Shemilt says:

    I want to cover a layer cake with this white chocolate recipe , should a fill it with it also or just butter and jam. Thanks 🙂

  17. Trisha Mamerow says:

    Milk works fine for me

  18. Homeschooling Mothers says:

    Hello. Will a cake frosted with this stay good if stored outside the fridge?

  19. Anam Habib says:

    Can I add cream cheese to this? Or would I have to add powdered sugar as well to make it a cream cheese frosting?

  20. JANET KAMAU says:

    How long do you whip the white chocolate ganache?

  21. amyky917 says:

    Can you pipe this icing on cupcakes??

  22. Brittany D'Arcangelo Taramasco says:

    You use the whipped ganache under the fondant?

  23. Aldo Aldo says:

    Can I say I love you ? For putting so much nice tutorial on making cookies cakes and so on.

    I done some from your videos….Thank you for sharing with us. 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰

  24. Judy Fleming says:

    Is your microwave on 100% power when you are melting the white chocolate?

  25. Michelle Lamb says:

    How much would you need to fill and coat a 6 inch 3 layer cake?

  26. Luci Purves says:

    Is this the same as white chocolate buttercream where you can cover the entire cake with it?

  27. Stephanie R says:

    Can you use white chocolate chips from the baking aisle

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