Ultimate Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse recipe! | Cupcake Jemma |

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April 7, 2016
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April 21, 2016
Ultimate Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse recipe! | Cupcake Jemma

Have you ever made something so delicious that you literally couldn’t walk past it without taking a big old spoonful? Well this recipe is THAT recipe for me. I should ban myself from making it. But before I do, let me share it with you. Get ready for some delicious Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse.

Recipe –

100g caster sugar
60g unsalted butter, chopped
200ml double cream
Pinch of kosher salt
120g dark/bittersweet chocolate
3 large free range eggs


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  1. barriosmad says:


  2. Jerry Terry says:

    Can we use milk instead of cream?😅

  3. Bev Roberts says:

    Looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you I will definitely try

  4. CanadianTozziFan says:

    did it separate in the glass after serving?? Looks like the bottom is one colour & the rest is another

  5. Arshana kishnan says:

    can we whip the eggs over a Bain marie?

  6. SwitchbladeSally says:

    Does anyone know where that awesome print is from (4:01)?

  7. Cameron James Tibera says:

    It looks like she overdid her egg whites… I wonder if it turns out the same either way.

  8. Saood Obaid says:

    I can do it. So easy😉😉

  9. Darin says:

    so that egg yolk stays raw???? hmm no thanks :p

  10. UK says:

    she sounds like shes been yelling at someone…

  11. Matthew says:

    if you dont want to use raw egg whites, you can use aquafaba(water from a chickpea can)

  12. Shrey Sadh says:

    wish it didn't had eggs

  13. Richard Lucas says:

    i am going to have dreams of salted caramel k thx bai

  14. Satya Rai says:

    What we put instead of eggs

  15. Lea Gerbino says:

    what do u think , is it possible to leave them in the fridge overnight bc some guests are coming over tomorrow and I wanted to make them already today ? thx

  16. Virginia Lp says:

    Dear Jemma, I'm from indonesia i would like to ask some question about the raw egg, what is the substitute? I cant hear it clearly in the video so sorry and i do apologize

  17. Jam oujdia says:

    Would you like to become my friend and make me that 😊

  18. Microfee massewwa says:

    what a sexy voice…love it.

  19. James Philpot says:

    I'm gonna combine this with some other small desserts for my friends!

  20. Bia Pops says:

    Just made this.
    Mind blowing delicious.Thanks, Jemma

  21. Mesum Naqvi says:

    Them dimples <3

  22. Monica Laugerud says:

    Hi Jemma! I love your channel, and am a long time follower. Thank you for the time and effort of sharing with us and making it fun and delicious!

    This recipe got me inspired today and I was wondering if doing this with coconut would work? Have you ever tried to make coconut caramel with coconut cream like they sell in a can? Even making it from scratch isn't that hard. And for the bottom, instead of chocolate, adding sweet dehydrated coconut? Just an idea for a summer recipe 🙂

  23. NorbsFavourites says:

    #cupcakejemma – help! Why does the mixture solidify as soon as I start to add the cream? 4 attempts today all with the same result 🙁 I never have a problem with your recipes, but this one just will not work me.

  24. Jackie Gardner says:

    Are these measurements correct? I’ve tried the caramel twice and as soon as I add the cream it turns into caramel soup. Not working at all.

  25. Saaba Zareen Saleh says:

    So the egg remains uncooked?

  26. Ninjanova says:

    Or if you rather dont have eggs, you can replace the egg whites with the water of a can of chickpeas, it will form the same meringue. =]

  27. Softy A says:

    Can we replace the silicon spatula with a wooden spoon?

  28. Iris Farmer says:

    Perfect instructions , perfect chocolate mousse, perfect , Jemma 👩‍🍳😘 perfect salted caramel pudding

  29. Lorenzo Potrich says:

    I LOVE you, BUT, there's a special place in hell for that someone that invented this trend.

  30. Br DL says:

    Whip 100ml of cream and stir it in together with the eggwhites. This will make your mousse a bit more gentle 😀 (we belgians care deeply for our chocolate mousse)

    Try it and let me know 😀

  31. Abhinandan Khare says:

    Is eggs in mouse need not to cook

  32. Saba Masood says:

    I doubled this recipe but it turned too runny 🙁

  33. J M says:

    I’ve tried making salted caramel sauce using this recipe. Wow, super delicious and very addictive! Thanks for sharing your recipe and techniques. They helped me a lot!

  34. Lucia Olmedo says:

    Acabo de hacer la receta, está espectacular

  35. ALT says:

    Can I use dulce de leche as my caramel?

  36. Violeta Zapreva says:

    I do the same mousse but without salt. I've tried even with Italian meringue. It is super.

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