Easter Egg Chocolate Fridge Cake – the best way to use up your Easter Eggs! – | Cupcake Jemma |

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Easter Egg Chocolate Fridge Cake - the best way to use up your Easter Eggs! -  | Cupcake Jemma

Did you eat enough chocolate over Easter? No? Got loads left over? Want more chocolate?! Well this recipe will help you in your hour of chocolatey need! Use up all that left over Easter chocolate, or simply go out and buy yourself loads of chocolate bars so you can make this bad boy all year round, and your cravings will be satisfied with this no-bake Easter Egg & Chocolate Bar Fridge Cake!


For the crispie base…
60g unsalted butter
140g marshmallows (regular sized pink and white is fine)
pinch of salt
115g Cocoa Pops

For the filthy bit…
335g dark (70%) chocolate, chopped or melting chips
170g unsalted butter
45g golden syrup

160g Digestives broken into small pieces (ideally no bigger than 1.5″)
A mixture of easter eggs and chocolate bars weighing 360g*

I used 1 Double Decker/Toffee Crisp, 1 Twix, 1 Crunchie, 50g of broken up easter eggs, a couple of Creme Eggs or Caramel eggs, a handful of small eggs such as Creme Eggs/mini Daim bar eggs/Oreo eggs, etc. a couple of Malteser Bunnies a handful of Cadburys Mini Eggs, a handful of Smarties.

50g white chocolate, melted (optional)
Extra Smarties & Mini Eggs for decoration


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    Every time I make rocky road my mixture splits but I have it on a VERY low heat and i have to stir for a while to bring it back and when I do it's not liquid it's like soft in a weird way any tips?

  3. Audrey R says:

    Does anyone know what digestive biscuits would be in the US??

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    What's a substitute for marshmallows?

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    "Good luck with your diet" – literally me! 😀

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  26. Nord Kitten says:

    What if you don't use chocolate chips and instead just melt down more of the easter chocolate? seems like if the point is to get rid of those chocolate eggs than using them instead of the chips is just another good way of getting rid of the extra.

  27. Teeler D says:

    I think my teeth would break 🙁

  28. Shilpa Thomas says:

    JEMMA.. I fricking calculated the calories, do ya wanna know how many calories there are in that???: 7804 CALORIES!!!! (This is for the WHOLE CAKE). A person should only consume 2000 calories a day, so basically you can live on that cake for 3 and a half days!!!

  29. Henrietta says:

    Why do you use unsalted butter if you add salt anyway?

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