Biscoff Biscuit Butter Cups Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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Biscoff Biscuit Butter Cups Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

If you’ve ever opened a jar of biscuit spread you will know how addictive it is. Well imagine that flavour, but in the form of one of your other addictive favourites, the Peanut Butter Cup. What do you get? Awesomeness, that’s what.

Recipe –

250g + 80g couverture chocolate (or dark, milk or white, if you prefer)
150g Biscoff or your favourite biscuit spread
100g icing sugar, sifted
20-30g soft unsalted butter.
Speculoos biscuits for decorating


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  1. Zeno Kellermann says:

    lol le 4chan brought me here for some brownies

  2. LLROCKS23 says:

    Lotus=Lovee :D, thanks for another creative great recipe Jemma x

  3. DDG says:

    Anon said there would be brownies here. But I think I'll pass.

  4. I live in a constant state of fear and misery says:

    ayy lmao, who else fapped.

  5. Emerald Skyline says:

    +Cupcake Jemma Please do: Peanut Butter (and whipped cream or something) Cake.

  6. Ryan Mcclune says:

    did anyone dkzd think it looked Like Reeces peanut butter cups

  7. Watchdog 13 says:

    Hi Jemma :3 Love the sweets! I wanted to ask you if you have ever thought on making a video on tips about Chocolate Ganache ? I loved the video about the pipping tips hehe

  8. Food And Drink In Seconds says:

    This look delicious, thanks Jemma 🙂

  9. charlotte says:

    Can you do a behind the scenes of making the raspberry and chocolate cake video?? I would love to see it<33 love your recipes and videos Jemma!

  10. shamila sharif says:

    Hi jemna! Please could you show how to make madelines. Thank you! X

  11. Eera Jjang says:

    jemma.. can u made macarons pleaseee…

  12. 121 Mahnoor Khalid says:

    Could you please post a video for molten lava cake

  13. Cristian Riveros says:

    Is it like Reese's?

  14. lemonlover says:

    I baked them and they were so delicious!!

  15. Avigail Raphael says:

    Wow it looks and sound very tasty.

  16. Gina Ong says:

    jemma, what is "biscoff"?

  17. Alice Minchin says:

    Australian friends! Where can I find biscuit spread? I clearly need it in my life

  18. Дарья Кузнецова says:


  19. muhammad irfansyah says:

    i m from indonesia and i am not familiar with biscoff spread.. what's the easieat substitute?

  20. Glenn Bover says:

    Is that dulce de leche??

  21. Heng Shanice says:

    Hi Jemma, can I use peanut butter instead of biscuit spread?

  22. Victoria Comeau says:

    What's the North American equivalent to Lotus biscuits?

  23. riannaxvoids says:

    Are u American gemma

  24. Cesar Zuniga says:

    +CupcakeJemma Do you have to use a food processer or can you use something else??

  25. Tardis! At The Disco says:

    Does anyone else get annoyed when she doesn't scrape down the bowl or mixer meaning she has wasted so much?

  26. Thirza Bollema says:

    Long live the Dutch Speculoos makers 😛

  27. Evaa404 says:

    This is a vegan treat! Or it could be with vegan dark chocolate 😮

  28. Mo D says:

    Hi Jemma I live in the same sort of Area as you I was wondering where can I buy the biscuit spread? Thanks

  29. Priscilla M. says:

    does it have to be cookie butter or can i just use peanut butter? Also I love you and your videos. You have to be one of the only people I watch the videos to the full without skipping to the end 😛 your facial quirks are adorable as hell Thank you Jemma 🙂

  30. Amet Cosplay says:

    are you British cupcake jemma

  31. Susan says:

    Does anyone know some more fun British cake-makers on youtube? I've seen every video Jemma posted about 3000 times now… No one tops her!

  32. Inna Flores says:

    i love u gemma^^ beautiful and funny^^

  33. Diana Mozo says:

    coverture chocolate good for ganache?

  34. Skengman Biscoff says:


  35. amvive08 says:

    Do these have to be stored in the fridge?

  36. Lourdes Abuso says:

    It does really sound crunchy because the moment you took a bite on it, I heard the crunchiness of that cute dessert. I'm going to try that soon. Thanks for sharing your recipes for all of us(",)(,") God Bless You!

  37. markmymelon says:

    Your name is Jemma Wilson? Cool.

  38. Jumana Raggam says:

    this is my 2nd time I'll be doing it for Eid. everyone loved it
    thanks Jemma

  39. Jill Pritchard says:

    Hi Jemma, even though I've been watching your channel on YouTube for quite some time now, I've kept passing through the peanut butter and jam recipe video which after watching it now I realize was stupid of me. It is fantastic and it had I have not been such an idiot, I would have been making these for my grandchildren all year long. I had just learned my lesson that I should not pass by any of your recipes even if I don't think I would make them because it might just surprise me and it might end up a favorite! Surprise surprise surprise to me! Keep up the good work or I should say great work. My family really enjoys what you do and they don't even mind my watching you because they know they will benefit by it, hee hee. I also wanted to let you know that I think you would make A wonderful mother because you have what seems to be a sweet childlike fun spirit and you make me smile! When you put your cookies in the oven and he waved to them, I almost broke up in stitches! It was very sweet and to you look at your eyes when you try whatever it is you have made is wonderful, almost surprise like. I'm sure you've tasted them before when you're doing your baking test, but on our end we would never know that you've had them before. I am waiting to see your response when you eat something that appears to be new and wonderful and exciting and your eyes light up and you take that bite! I would imagine that is the way that you would look at your children every day when you wake up, like you've had your first spot of tea and cakes. Just soak it up! I am a grandmother of four boys and a mother of three grown daughters and my eyes twinkled like yours every day and we live through a lot of hard times but the love was still there and I see that in you so I hope you don't mind my saying these things but I believe they're true with all my heart. Jill

  40. TheClau97 says:

    Can i do this even without food processor?

  41. Jill Pritchard says:

    I just found out about the Biscoff spread and I love it on sandwiches! I have purchased the cookies for years and put it in cookies and they go like hot cakes! I am glad to have this recipe and now a bunch more possibilities have come to mind! Thanks Jemma
    Irish Jilli

  42. Dylan Elliot says:

    Love your video really hopping one day I will be able to come into the shop 😁

  43. Clive Willis says:

    its a new idea biscuit spread in the UK i tried it on toast ,,mmmm amazing

  44. mandy capaldi says:

    For a minute I thought you said hardly any fat.. then realised you said faff. wishful thinking as im dieting lol

  45. Jacob Rendall says:

    Aw dang I thought this was my own original creation LOL I just ended up putting melted chocolate on a cupcake liner and cooling it and putting the biscoff in it and then putting chocolate on top and putting that in the fridge too… a bit more basic and probably doesn't taste as nice to be honest

  46. Daphne Rodriguez says:


  47. Sheila Magee says:

    Do they need to stay in the fridge or can they stay out?

  48. B l ue b e r r y p a n c a k e's says:


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