Recipe for the Richest Chocolate Truffle Cake ever! | Cupcake Jemma |

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December 24, 2015
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Recipe for the Richest Chocolate Truffle Cake ever! | Cupcake Jemma

Happy New Year, peeps! To celebrate the end of 2015 and the dawn of 2016 I have made this stupidly intense, rich Chocolate Truffle Cake to really knock your chocolate-loving socks off!

Recipe –
For the cakes
85g plain flour
20g cocoa powder
4 lg free range eggs
105g caster sugar
80g melted unsalted butter

For the truffle filling
450g couverture chocolate
500ml double cream
5 lg egg yolks
65g caster sugar


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  1. yesenia Corder says:

    Do you have a spice cake recipe?

  2. Snehs says:

    This looks really delicious. But I was wondering if you could use white chocolate instead of milk or dark chocolate?

  3. Jack Ros says:


  4. LE TRUNG PHAM says:

    I tried this recipe at home but my sauce was so runny. What should i do now?

  5. Terezka says:

    omg raw eggs!!!!!!!

  6. Sarah Elmira Royster Shelton says:

    Dear Jemma,
    Please recreate LEMON PIE by Cyril Lignac.
    Shortbread hazelnut, lemon cream and compote, coated with a white chocolate plate and decorated with a vanilla lemon glaze. 🙂

  7. Jules Gainey says:

    Can I live with you? I’ll give you like 4 dollars

  8. Kayleigh Kaderli says:

    Hey Jemma. Can this cake be left out of the fridge?

  9. Colette Klassen says:

    I am not sure why my truffle filling won't set its the second time I try and the cake is sliding like a land slide. It was my 47th birthday 10 October and I was gutted. You recipes normally are foolproof

  10. CynM K says:

    If you mess up just mix in a lot of baking powder, the cake still turns out great!

  11. Lorenzo Potrich says:

    Gosh, that's my kind of cake, more chocolate truffle than actually cake! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

  12. Sugarcrumbs says:

    I followed the instructions precisely but the truffle didn't set and melted once out of the fridge , I wonder why? For how long should it stay in the fridge?

  13. Khushboo Choudhury says:

    Hi Jemma, is there just any way the eggs can be replaced by a veg substitute? My friends don't eat eggs :/

  14. Ammarah Ayaz says:

    I tried this and took it to my aunt's when I went to stay this weekend
    It was Yummy the kids loved it and so did the adults.
    Definitely will make again
    Used ( dark chocolate from Tesco) that was 80p/150g
    As I couldn't find the other chocolate 👌
    Did the job tastes Great 😋😋

    Thank you so much Jemma
    I've tried so many of your recipes and they turn out delicious
    My Families favourite is rainbow cake
    Mum loves the chocolate cup cakes
    And I use the rainbow cake recipe divided into 3 (3eggs 250g Sugar Flour butter /margarine etc) to make normal cake and spread some jam and coconut over it they love that as well with some custard.
    Bouncy texture and softness yummy cakes

  15. Freaks Of Fantasy Cricket says:

    What 85g Flour And That Much Sponge: Really…..

  16. Kayleia Workman says:

    For us rookies out there: the eggs must be at ROOM TEMPERATURE

  17. Tinka Grujić says:

    Heyla Jemma! 🤗
    You made a mistake in description bar, where it says 5 egg yolks instead of 6 like you say (and have in the bowl)! 😉

  18. Esma Starhonic says:

    No baking powder

  19. Fuzz Buzz says:

    Can you the cake recipe as a normal chocolate cake recipe just in case

  20. Leigh Howard says:

    Jemma, could you please tell me what size pans you are using. I know you said 6" but what heights and thanks in advance.

  21. Victoria Bey says:

    I'm having a tough time getting this to come out right. Most times it falls and becomes very heavy.

  22. suztheultimateq2011 says:

    wish you would have showed us how to get it out of the tin!

  23. Mother Mousse says:

    love your cakes

  24. Florika Das says:

    jemma you are love! ❤❤😘😘 i love all your recipes and how clearly you explain out everything!

  25. S M Y says:

    Again…why don't we add any raising agents?? Baking powder/baking soda??

  26. Asma Iqbal says:

    Is it good to measure flour or cocoa powder before sifting ???

  27. Asma Iqbal says:

    Please make belgian chocolate cake also

  28. Marti Scruggs says:

    Hi Jemma, I made this yesterday and it was fabulous! Instead of using the acetate, I have a 6 inch panettone pan which I stacked the layers in, using your warm tea towel recommendation to loosen. It worked perfectly!

  29. Chaitali Salunke says:

    Can i use another chocolate chips??

  30. zehra fatima says:

    At what temperature u have baked it?

  31. Princess Aguilar says:

    How did you take out the cake from the cake tin w/o ruining the cake?

  32. Faking Normal says:

    Does anyone know if you can cover this cake with buttercream to make a traditional looking birthday cake?

  33. NiNa & Her Cat Tales says:

    the cake looks absolutely fab.. but i cant figure out how you took the cake out of the tin?

  34. Tracy Lynn Shaw says:

    Hi Jemma,
    How on earth did you get the beautiful cake 🍰 out of the tin after you added the truffle mixture?!?
    Thank you so much, I love your recipes!!!

  35. Lee Freeze says:

    Mhhhh 🥰😍💗

  36. nivedha manoharan says:

    Is there any other way to beating the eggs besides using the stand mixer?

  37. nivedha manoharan says:

    can i use the hand mixer instead of a stand mixer while beating the eggs?

  38. Aku Nkem says:

    Is it 6 or 5 egg yolks? Also if you don't have acetate will greaseproof paper work? The answer is yes. Tried it worked great. Also for those of you asking how to get it out the tin just pull it up holding the top of the paper and it comes out quite easily. Loved making this. Thanks Jemma

  39. Mariyam Sulia says:

    Hi jemma I tried ur recipe but v disappointed 😕😕😕😕😕😔
    Truffle is not coming out like yours😔
    Every time I make truffle it comes out really liquidy..
    Plzzzzzzzzz help me

  40. SRIIDHAR says:

    Watching this on dec 31 2019, exactly 4 years from the day of upload. Happy new year 2020 peeps

  41. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    4 years ago I asked my mom to make this for my birthday. I remember being so excited 😆

  42. Natt Villasana says:

    Hi! I wanted to know if I can substitute the double cream used for the ganache with whipping cream because in Mexico it's very difficult to get the double cream, there's only whipping cream with about 36% of butterfat. Thanks!

  43. Shagufta Ashraf says:

    Chocolate Cake Queen.

  44. sanjoabraham73 says:

    How did you take it out of the pan after putting on the truffle filling?

  45. Shees Nafees says:

    Give me one bite of cake please

  46. Unicorn Sparkle Tigers says:


  47. Zulfa SM says:

    Any of you who have tried the recipie please help me. Does the yolk in the frosting give out a smell?

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