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Super Awesome Pumpkin Pie Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

You don’t really need an excuse to make these any time, but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA and beyond! I hope you enjoy making these for your celebrations – they’re super easy and totally yummers!

Recipe –

1 packet of ready-made shortcrust pastry (plus egg and sugar)

115g self raising flour
75g caster sugar
75g dark brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp nutmeg
pinch of ground cloves
1.5 large eggs (or 2 small)
150ml veg oil
half a can of pumpkin puree

150g unsalted butter, soft
340g icing sugar, sifted
1/2 tsp cinnamon
3-4 tbsp whole milk

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Allegra Thompson says:

    can you make a brownie with lollies in it

  2. sheryl perumal says:

    Hi Jemma , Have you made a Christmas fruit cake, could you show me how.

  3. Lakmal Fernando says:

    the cupcakes look delicious can't wait to try them

  4. Heisse Himbeeren says:

    I love this video! But I also have a question. I'm from Germany and unfortunately we don't have spoonulas over here. But, I'm in London next spring (also to visit the crumbs and doilies shop) and now I want to ask if it's possible to buy a spoonula in some store there and if yes, which store? Thank you very much for your answer!

  5. Ann-Kathrin H says:

    How often do you test a recipe before making a video (or making for the shop)?

  6. Jahnavi Iyengar says:

    How much would half a can of pumpkin be?

  7. 1M views says:

    I did this cupcakes at home and they are amazing. I love the taste 🍰😍😍😍💕

  8. Настя Медведева says:

    I've got two questions: how should I prepare pumpkin if I have a raw piece? and is it possible to bake only in paper shapes (without using this metall one)?

  9. Mokshini Ezhil says:


  10. Mokshini Ezhil says:

    and i try it

  11. Anwylyd Fynghariad says:

    how many minutes do i have to wait for the cakes to cool down?

  12. Kat Ware says:


  13. Emily Merry says:

    Hi Jemma. Can you use dark muscovado instead of soft dark brown?

  14. Valerie Jean Dawson says:

    I know this is a bit late in the day, but I recently found this recipe and made them for my family and friends. I bake frequently and am well known for my bake sales. These cakes are truly gorgeous and my husband and son raved over them.

  15. Joseph Toolan says:

    I clicked onto this thinking the leaves on the cupcakes were cornflakes

  16. Keerthna Magudeeswaran says:

    how much is half a can of pumpkin in gm we don't have can pumpkin in India

  17. Saood Obaid says:

    I want some

  18. Masha says:

    So excited to bake these again! 😍

  19. HildaCubias says:

    The egg wish things where can I purchase one I can't fine one anywhere in store

  20. Shabia71 Khanom says:

    How do you make pumpkin paste if canned not available?

  21. Софья Румянцева says:

    How many grams of flour in 250 ml cup?

  22. jana bartova says:

    I love your recipes and your accent…. AND I ALSO LOVE YA…

  23. Lisa J says:

    I made these they are YUM thanks jemma!

  24. Diana Joseph says:

    Hi Jemma… Tried these out today and they were delicious. Thank you for the recipe. Everyone loved it without the butter cream cause they felt the cream made it toooooooo sweet.

  25. Patti Messenger says:

    You don’t need to be American to celebrate a day of being thankful.

  26. Mitchell Robless says:

    can i add some lemon zest

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