The Best Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies Ever | Cupcake Jemma |

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November 12, 2015
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November 26, 2015
The Best Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies Ever | Cupcake Jemma

You neeeeed this recipe in your life! These Chocolate Cut Out Cookies are consistent, delicious, super chocolatey with very little ‘spread’ making them perfect for making shaped cookies.

Recipe –

220g plain flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
145g caster sugar
120g unsalted butter, soft
1 tsp vanilla
1 lg free-range egg
40g good quality cocoa powder


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  1. Rimmy Kaur says:

    I m a student of class 10th but i love to bake😘😉😊

  2. Rimmy Kaur says:

    Hi jemma……..i tried ur this recipe……but it was not as u have made……it was tasty but before put in an oven it gets cracked with cut out….why it is……can u please tell so i could make it more tasty N beautiful…….plz reply

  3. Shamy Marutha says:

    ur funny…luv watching ur videos

  4. Manhaa R says:

    Jemma please do a video of sugar cookies I try but it's either too flat so it breaks not sweet or it burns please do a vid x

  5. Mindy Taylor says:

    Yummy with cold milk. 🙂 Baked two batches. All gone in 2 days.

  6. Ng Gn says:

    NOTE: I think there is a mistake in the recipe given below….. should read 120g flour NOT 220g!

  7. Christine says:

    I made these for valentines day and turned out really good 🙂

  8. Veby Dari says:

    fucking delicious
    i ve to make this..

  9. Welly Siswanto Mulyono says:

    hi jemma, is this cookies will last for a couple of months if stored in sealed container? as i find the cookies are soft (a bit like brownies).
    (some cookies in supermarket can last for couple of months)

  10. Emily Pong says:

    When you realise there's no more caster sugar…

  11. Star Jackson says:

    "I am going to dip them in chocolate and cover them in sprinkles because, I like doing that."
    "I like doing that"

  12. Sanaa Abd Elsalam says:

    تسلم الايادي كل سنه وانتم طيبين وصفات سهله وسريعه وبسيطه جدا جدا جدا جدا

  13. Rethabile P Lehoko says:

    What's the shelf life on these?

  14. janastef says:

    Ours turned to to be delicious brownie cookies. They are great!🤤

  15. immitable says:

    Dutch processed cocoa has so much more flavor, it is darker as well. The dutch process alkalizes natural cocoa (cacao) to make it more flavorful and that's what works so perfectly in this recipe.

  16. marilyn gandhi says:

    Where did you get your rolling pin????

  17. claudia lopez says:

    absolutely delicious, I've just baked Toothless cookies using these recipe, and my daughter loves it, she also loves your videos Jemma, thanks for sharing

  18. Rucha Mahajan says:

    Hiii Jemma! How long can the cookie dough last for if stored in the refrigerator??

  19. Sibbine Van Lerberghe says:

    I will make them in a few days! They look amazing.

  20. Rachel Onwu says:

    Look at 7:51. 😂😂

  21. ej says:

    Made this yesterday with christmas colored sprinkles. Boy were they a hit!

  22. Gluko Peponi says:

    I made these last year and dipped them in white chocolate and cover with sprinkles !!!! We couldn't stop eating them!!!!

  23. Deuk Kapalucci says:

    So are these basically icebox cookies?

  24. Beliya Ali says:

    are these soft or kinda hard?

  25. Shaakirah Aboo says:

    This is by far my favourite biscuit recipe since you loaded this recipe!

  26. 도연 says:

    I am making this cookies for ice cream! Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Gluko Peponi says:

    I make these on Christmas they are perfect!!!!!

  28. Aman Gill says:

    When I put melted chocolate on biscuits and put them on the wire rack the melted chocolate doesn’t harden so I’ve put it in the fridge and it ends up sticking to the wire rack making it so hard to get the cookie off – any tips or tricks for this?

  29. Khuê Tạ Minh says:

    I have just tried your recipe and the cookies turned out yummy 😊 I used less sugar(135g) & it tastes amazing, not too sweet, very chocolatey.
    But I have 1 question: Are these cookies supposed to be soft ? Cause mine are really soft. I do like soft cookies, but I'd prefer it to be a little bit crunchier.
    Btw,thank you for such an amazing recipe, Jemma ❤

  30. Just a cat. says:

    How manyy do dese make???

  31. Khadijah Yago says:

    Yo, Jemma isn't gonna answer your questions.

  32. Cinnamon Cat says:

    I used this recipe for a really tiny and detailed cookies with Chip and Dale faces and they turned out perfect and delicious!

  33. Kumar Pitabash says:

    Wow nice cookies

  34. Corinne Lim says:

    I only used half of the dough today. Can i freeze the rest and save them for another time?

  35. Rabia Nadeem says:

    I tried these… Yummy.. U r the best Jemma💕

  36. Debbie Pebbles says:

    Try using parchment paper instead of plastic wrap ( reduce plastic waste) also if you roll between two pieces of parchment paper you won’t add xtra flour to your cookies that can make them tough

  37. Muhammad Ryasat says:

    Can I use salted butter ??

  38. Щодмонов Амирчон says:

    Hello from Tajikistan we love your cooking very very very much

  39. John Chrys says:


  40. Laura G says:

    Just made these, they are delicious and easy! They smell like brownies 🤤

  41. Lovlyn Prasanna says:

    Just made these they are yummm..thank u Soo much 😇✨

  42. Nicola Chambers says:

    Can you freeze these? Is so before or after cooking ?

  43. S D says:

    Hey team! Anyone able to tell me how long these will keep in the fridge for?

  44. Amanda Evans says:

    Hi Jemma love these cookies love how they a bit soft in the middle if am make just plain vanilla cookies do I need to add more flour and if so how much congratulates as well xx

  45. NRL meghana says:

    Hey , can you suggest if I can replace flour with wheat flour?

  46. Mitchell Robless says:

    will stop the dough for sticking

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