S'mores Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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S'mores Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

It’s getting cold out there (unless you live in paradise on the other side of the world to me) and that means bonfires and THAT means toasting marshmallows and stuffing your gob with all of that. But here’s an idea – why not make S’mores Cupcake so that you can get your cupcake fix AND your toasted marshmallow fix at the same time!!! Here’s a recipe. It’s a WINNER!

Recipe –

For the BBB –
150g crushed Digestive biscuits
5g melted butter
1 tbs golden syrup

For the cupcakes –
110g self raising flour
15g cocoa powder
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
100g caster sugar
25g light soft brown sugar
140g soft unsalted butter
2 large free-range eggs
1 tbs whole milk
1/2 tbs treacle/molasses

For the marshmallowy meringue icing
90g caster sugar
1 lg egg white
2 tbs golden syrup
dash of vanilla extract
1 tbs water
pinch of salt
1/8 tsp cream of tartar

Extra bit – melted chocolate


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  1. Rebekah Martin says:

    I made these for Boss's Day, and despite sinking in the middle (I think my butter was too soft), they were kind of amazing. The icing is the BEST.

  2. Jenny Cull says:

    Can i use vinegar instead of cream of tartar? And how much should i use?

  3. TicTac72 says:

    Hi Jemma from California! How long does the marshmallow keep? How do you store it? Thanks so much for sharing 😋

  4. Sumit Sarkar says:

    I love s mores cupcake you are great

  5. Sofia Ferreira says:

    Why do my cupcakes peel away from the cases? Help!

  6. Uummannaqsong says:

    I noticed that when you make your cupcakes, you just dump all ingredients into your bowl and mix. How is the result different from creaming the butter and sugar, adding the eggs etc method?

  7. Pricilya Luntungan says:

    If not using golden syrup is that ok?

  8. sue smith says:

    Hi Jemma, just a quick question please. Is the icing the same as marshmallow fluff. I can't get fluff where i live and it's expensive to buy online. Thanks

  9. aireen Liaga says:

    hi jemma is the marshmallow merengue needs to be refrigerated before i place on top of the cupcake?

  10. Laurence Honrado says:

    Can I use a hand mixer to mix the cake.

  11. Madisen Hillebrant says:

    I just tried to make these and the cupcakes completely collapsed while in the oven. Any ideas why?

  12. I have 22 subs lol says:

    Wow. the like to dislikes ratio on this video is amazing!

  13. Chadwick Harris says:

    Isn't that a electric mixer not a hand mixer?

  14. Sami Hamady says:

    How long will these last in my fridge? I might make them for a party

  15. The Ultimate Homemade Pastry says:

    Hi jemma what kind of molasses i can use with this recipe cuz here we have 3 kinds of molasses mild flavor,full flavor and black strap molasses which one i will use?

  16. Cassie Morgan says:

    question, i live in the usa, can i make golden syrup or substitute it for reg honey or anything?

  17. Hugh mckeown says:

    My daughter was wondering if anyone could answer herquestion about the marshmallowy meringue icing how long does it last thank you

  18. MothraVsTheWorld says:

    I made this recipe, but the frosting was not stable. Any suggestions?

  19. Misha Hashmi says:

    Can I use meringue powder instead don't wanna waste the yolk! So how should I go about it?

  20. KC Nelson says:

    UK large eggs seems to be different in size to large eggs here in America. Is it ok to use extra large eggs? It seems that is about the same size as the large eggs there.

  21. Jazca Madison Lim says:

    Can I use a hand whisk? Rather than an electric mixer?

  22. Carol St.Denis says:

    If I'm going to make these for a party, can I do the frosting the day before? I'm worried about stability, but don't want to be making the meringue at the last minute.

  23. Amber Ahmed says:

    love the batter. could i use this recipe as a 3 layer 6 inch cake? how would i scale it?

  24. chertp28 says:

    What’s treacle? Is that like molasses?

  25. shevon marlin says:

    Can I substitute the golden syrup with Honey?

  26. Akram Akram says:

    Hi jemma. I made it and it turned out amazing….. especially the icing… Thank you for the recipe 😙

  27. shevon marlin says:

    Hiii Jemma🤗. I'm a fan of your youTube Channel.
    I've stumbled on ur Youtube page when I was looking for decorating tips for my son 1st birthday cake (September 2019) and ever since I've been hooked on your video's. Compare to other bakers video's, I can only sit and watch every second of your video's.Even if its a recipe's I know i won't try. Also if it's someone else from your team I still watch it all, you seem to have a very fun team!
    Your video's are really fun to watch and I also learn allot… #Awesome. Thank you so much for you video's, it's highly appreciated!!😁

    Btw…. these S'mores Cupcakes are my ALL TIME FAVORITE. Super easy to make and super duper delicious😍 Thank you and I apreciate all what your doing🙂

  28. Zahraa.i says:

    For the marshmallow frosting, can I replace the golden syrup with treacle? Please answer back!

  29. B l u e B e r r y's says:


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