Cream Cheese Icing Masterclass! Classic & Chocolate recipes | Cupcake Jemma |

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Cream Cheese Icing Masterclass! Classic & Chocolate recipes | Cupcake Jemma

I hear a lot of you crying and wailing that your cream cheese icing goes wrong all the time or that you can’t get it to the right consistency. Well cry no more because I have not one but TWO recipes for your essentials repertoire.

Recipe –

Regular Cream Cheese Icing
100g unsalted butter, soft
160g cream cheese
560g icing sugar, sifted

Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing
150g dark chocolate, melted and cooled slightly
70g unsalted butter, soft
200g cream cheese
330g icing sugar, sifted


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  1. Rona Santiago says:

    What kind of butter are you using?

  2. Samar's Sweets says:

    I add some corn starch to my cream cheese icing, to stiffen it up and lessen the sweetness too.

  3. Miranda Anderson says:

    What are some of the lesser sweet icings. Is a italan butter creem less sweet then a regular butter creem?

  4. Chryssi Islander says:

    Hello! Can we use food coloring with this ???

  5. Elena Eremia says:

    Can be frozen? Or how long can be kept in refrigerator? Thanks

  6. Farzin Chougani says:

    Its tooo sweett.that is alot of sugar

  7. Agata Szy. says:

    Can I use mascarpone cheese? I'm pretty sure we don't have such firm cream cheese in Poland…

  8. Jun Hou says:

    Hi Jemma. Thank you for sharing the recipe! I tried it out and the consistency was really good, but the cream cheese was just way too sweet for me… would I be able to cut the icing sugar in half? Thanks!

  9. Bianca Groes says:

    Are you feeling the sugar / grainy substance in your mouth with this frosting?

  10. Mystica Arushini says:

    Can I use chocolate chips for the icing ?

  11. ROSE JAM says:

    Hi everyone. Can i just use granulated white sugar instead of confectioner sugar?

  12. Margarita Romero says:

    By any chance can you not use icing sugar for frosting?

  13. Andrea Grancic says:

    I am definitely going to try the chocolate version but- as I am from.Germany I am going to use "quark" instead of Philadelphia and to reduce that tremendous quantity of sugar to this is the quantity I use with 250g of butter…330g is just bloody too much for me

  14. belugawhale898 says:

    560 grams of sugar is insane

  15. Sanjukta Das says:

    Can I use clarified butter instead of salted butter?

  16. Ashley W says:

    I love cream cheese icing. It's my fav😊

  17. Nitasha Mubashar says:

    Can we add colours to the creamcheese icing ??

  18. Beautiful Beautiful says:

    do you think the cream cheese frosting taste like normal whipped cream ?what tastes does it like? does the tastes of chocolate cream cheese frosting taste like normal chocolate frosting ? many thanks

  19. Fabian Heider says:

    This is witchcraft to me. I've tried Philadelphia, I've tried noname cream cheese, I've tried room temp, I've tried cold cream cheese, everything is going fine but the second any powdered sugar hits the cream cheese-butter mix it turns into soup. I've tried a zillion times. Cream cheese frosting is the one thing I just can't get the hang of. 😭

  20. Michelle Goh says:

    My creamcheese icing turned out too sweet. Do I need to mix it for a longer period of time?

  21. claudia diaz says:

    Jemma I absolutely love love love your frosting recipes. Exactly what I was looking for. Silky and delicious! Can’t thank you enough 😘

  22. Oh Okay says:

    Best method ever!!

  23. Ace 1o7 says:

    I don’t have icing sugar, can I use normal sugar?

  24. Alex Nguyen says:

    I tried the chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe as shown but the frosting was way too sweet like super sweet. I would halve the sugar. I should have tasted it instead of following this recipe blindly, ended up throwing most of the frosting away since it was way too sweet. 150-170 g of sugar would suffice so the cream cheese flavor could shine through.

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