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Recipe for Raspberry Scones | Cupcake Jemma

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Hey there! You might remember that I absolutely LOVE scones and, while a plain scone is one of my favourite things to bake and eat, there is one Summery addition I can’t do without and that is raspberries. So here is my recipe for Raspberry Scones! (it’s still Summer, right?)

Recipe –

500g plain flour
3tbs caster sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 lemon zest
110g unsalted butter, cold and chopped
-300ml cold whole milk
150g fresh raspberries
1 egg, beaten


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  1. Mariana Rojas says:

    dear Jemma, no salt between the dry ingredients here? thank you!

  2. Martha Alicia López Roque says:

    Buenas tardes ,disculpa la caster sugar es la azúcar glas?

  3. Sirjana Ale says:

    Then scones are tiny and cute 🙂 You should make some Irish scones it's rustic, buttery and massive haha you will love it ☺️

  4. Marie M says:

    I don't have a food processor, could I use a black and decker chopper instead? 😂 also, at how many degrees and for how long do you bake those?

  5. Sumaya Warsame says:

    Thank you So much for the recipe my most favorite is blueberry and not raseberry

  6. Thitichaya Tophothai says:

    Hi Jemma,
    I'm Olive from Bangkok,Thailand.
    I just want to ask about the raspberry that it kind of hard to find fresh raspberry around in Thailand and it quite expensive So can I use the frozen one instead ?

  7. Suspiriorum says:

    this is one of the most delicious and beautiful recipes youve ever made <3
    they are all great and tasty as hell but this one is just <3 BOMB

  8. Aianne Camo says:

    I like scones for breakfast

  9. Pastry Chef E.S says:

    oh i love your snacks and i need your help of traning

  10. Linnea ryttergaard says:

    I made these today! They turned out great!!! 😀 So tasty and summery! Thanks for the lovely recipe Jemma, you are amazing 🙂

  11. JP S says:

    ๋Jemma, could you please make coconut scone?

  12. Janice Ross says:

    500g flour = 3.8 cup flours?? Since 1cup is 125g

  13. Ольга Габдрафикова says:

    I am overwhelmed!

  14. Elizabeth Ayala says:

    You should make more scones !!!🙏🏻💕💕

  15. marianne030 says:

    Will it make a difference if I use freeze dried fruit instead of fresh?

  16. MYR 2014 says:

    Looks amazing, just tried to make them and it came out not so good, the center was not cooked and I wonder if the flour measurement was incorrect. I followed the recipe precisely.

  17. Wadee Pinyosap says:

    It is not about your scone but I wanna say I love your style 🙂

  18. fluffypenguinbabe says:

    These look amazing, can't wait to give these a go.
    Might have a contender for my new favourite – which is currently Earl Grey (tea) infused scones. Mmmmm 🙂

  19. wurlitzer895 says:

    I imagine clotted cream would work well with these…..they look so scrummy……

  20. Ellen Abshire says:

    Great-looking recipe, but I always get so frustrated when people put eggs on a recipe that doesn't need them! There are so many recipes that require eggs – can't folks give it a rest once in a while and do something refreshingly egg-free? Do you think I could use cream or something else as a wash to avoid the eggs, to which I and several members in my family are allergic?

  21. Cris Loira says:


  22. ankra12 says:

    Looks delish.

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