Lemon Polenta Cake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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September 3, 2015
Lemon Polenta Cake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Every now and then I am asked for a good Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe but THIS recipe for a Lemon Polenta Cake is even better! And to top it all off, it’s Gluten Free! Zesty!

Recipe –

For the cake…
165g unsalted butter, soft
150g caster sugar
Zest of 3 lemons
2 tbs lemon juice
2 lg free-range eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla
175g ground almonds
70g polenta
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt

For the icing…
100g icing sugar, sifted
2 tbsp lemon juice


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  1. markmymelon says:

    That hair!!!❤️😍❤️

  2. Warda's Kitchenette says:

    I can fly there for your shop can you hire me and train me and keep me in crumbs and dollies to work i wanna really work there i live baking and decorating

  3. Arshana kishnan says:

    Hi Jemma! it seems you missed out an ingredient which I am assuming is plain flour/self raising flour. Everyone is asking about it. Can we finally know the answer? 😀

  4. Zoe Marlow says:

    Hi Jemma, I just tried your recipe and I wish I could say it was a success. I followed all of the instructions very carefully however it unfortunately didn't work out, I pulled the cake out of the oven and it collapsed slightly (that was fine) but then as I turned the cake out onto the rack, it fell apart. I thought I had made a mistake so I looked back on your recipe and the video and noticed after you added the polenta, there was suddenly a white substance in your bowl. It can't be the sugar because you had combined that with the butter, leads me to think that you had flour in the recipe but didn't note it in the recipe?

  5. k1tukwfyer says:

    This tastes amazing, but have to agree with a couple other commenters I've seen that it comes out greasy/crumbly, but again tastes amazing with a really interesting texture. It broke in half when I went to lift it off the parchment, so be careful. If I make it again, I'll change 100 g of ground almonds for regular flour to get a bit more structure, and also something to soak up some of the grease lol. I might also consider using some sweet rice flour to substitute? That would make it more dense and mochi-like obviously, but that could help it keep together enough to get it off the parchment with no undue acrobatics…

  6. Gwendoline Carrié says:

    I tried this recipe today. It turned out superbe and it smelled so nice. Based on comments from everyone else here, I added about 75g of flour and a bit more backing powder than Jemma. I only had 2 small lemons so I added a bit more juice. It was perfect to my taste. I will add more next time I am trying this recipe. I didn't do the icing. it was amazing on its own. Thanks Jemma, I love your recipes.

  7. Betsy K says:

    Did you say to bake it for 15 or 50 minutes?

  8. khan ali says:

    yes something is missing before she added baking pwdr

  9. rob Rodriguez says:

    Don't try this…..even if u follow recipes u can't make don't waste ingredients…..chefs sugestion

  10. rob Rodriguez says:

    Don't try this…..even if u follow recipes u can't make don't waste ingredients…..chefs sugestion

  11. Tyseer says:

    Am doing diet " one year with no sugar" so yeah this is torture… but these videos are very satisfying

  12. Sadie Sadia says:

    Don't have machine.. can i use hand wisk..

  13. Shruthi Narayanan says:

    What is the mysterious ingredients when you are combining the dry ingredients?

  14. Carpenter Family says:

    Can anyone recommend a see through disposable bread container ? Because my bread is frosted I can't wrap it or put it in a bag without messing up the frosting. I've looked everywhere on line but can't find the right sized container. My pan is 9 x 5

  15. charlotte smout says:

    I would soak it in a lemon syrup after baking to maximize moisture and extend shelf life.

  16. Nelya shamuelova says:

    Hi Jemma, not too long ago you had lemon cake on the video. But now I can’t find it. I really liked that cake. Can you pleas send me that video with recipe.

  17. Rita D'Angelo says:


  18. Fatima Fazal says:

    Jemma, i LOVE your vids but could you tell me what you put in after the polenta?
    Thankgoodness i didn't start baking and looked at the comments, and watched the video again.

  19. kalex888 says:

    Nigella's recipe is better and it actually works

  20. Margaret Ong says:

    Hey Jenna, I was wondering what was the white flour that you put on top of the polenta. And I followed your recipe but it turned out to be a half-success? The icing sugar on top was watery and the cake just tasted more bitter and I was very disappointed. I followed every ingredient


    Such a great recipe. I made it yesterday …so delicious^_^

  22. happy2be says:

    It looks great but all your cake recipes are so high in butter? Is there a reason for that?

  23. Tess Peng says:

    That's so cool to use polenta to replace four. It must be tasted very yummy from what I see in video. Thanks for this special polenta cake that I got polenta but not into savory. Now I can try ur way to do another different cake never done before.

  24. Tess Peng says:

    Honestly speaking, the feeling of texture on my taste buds for polenta cake is quite funny that I still would rather have the ordinary cake. But the color of polenta cake is the best yellowish cake I ever made. Looks and smell great, but not yammy , like many women or life we have seen.. :)……….STF…….

  25. Laura V says:

    I was concerned about the negative comments which i read while the cake was baking in the oven. But it came out almost perfect. Almost cos after 40 min the top was too brown so i think i need to buy oven thermometer. Regardless, it was a very tasty cake that i will sure make again

  26. abiya1000 says:

    Hey can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour?

  27. Hattie Brazeley says:

    @CupcakeJemma Could this be make into a layer cake? I’m looking for a great lemon cake for a wedding!

  28. eva eyez says:

    Ur cakes and videos are great but this cake is awful. Everyone hates it,ended up in the bin same day…together with polenta….yucky
    Dont waste your ingredients on this one people! Try Jemma's other recipes!

  29. Anela Mathew says:

    Dear Jemma,
    I have a question concerning the polenta
    Do you use the fine polenta(like powder ) for this cake?
    I just made an orange polenta cake and I think I used the wrong polenta
    It tastes gritty
    Please do reply.

  30. Aline Cahill says:

    You forgot to mention it's dairy free, I'm gonna have to make it!

  31. Sabby Wabby says:

    If making using a round tin what size would I use?

  32. iamibu83 says:

    Hi , can u pls tell me how to avoid the split 😟😟😟…. it got it splited when i added my eggs ?!!!

  33. Dominic Meehan says:

    Is there an alternative to ground almonds?

  34. A.J. G. says:

    hello i wonder what kind of polenta you use? The one I used made my cake a bit gritty … thanks for your kind help X

  35. D S says:

    Absolutelly beautiful. Just made. Gosh it’s good.

  36. seema bains says:

    Can I use fine cornmeal instead of polenta?

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