Pancake recipe! How to make Fluffy Ricotta Hotcakes | Cupcake Jemma |

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Pancake recipe! How to make Fluffy Ricotta Hotcakes | Cupcake Jemma

Bored of cereal and toast? Then look no further because these Ricotta Hotcakes are the perfect alternative when you’re a little bit hungrier than usual.

Recipe –

145g plain flour
1 tbsp caster sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
240g ricotta
2 lg free range eggs
175ml whole milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 egg whites

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  1. Frëya Val says:

    No matter how much i've eaten, when i watch Jemma's videos I always seem to crave some more. Am i alone here??

  2. assassintwinat8 says:

    could you use cream cheese?

  3. cat lover says:

    do you have to use free range eggs?? is it any different from regular eggs jemma?

  4. Madison says:

    pancake batter shouldn't be that soupy

  5. Steven Nashington says:

    you and your tattoos are beautifull

  6. Aleah Montaner says:

    Am I the only one that is bothered by her tattoos? I think so….

  7. Tato says:

    Tried those last sunday and WOW. They're just awesome! My whole family liked them a lot! 😀

  8. Gloria Kawonda Kawonda says:

    c pas liquide ?

  9. Masterkey Performance says:

    Hiya Jemma! Wondering if these could be made & stored ahead of time for a brunch bday party? Xx

  10. Jayshree Vaja says:

    Amazing video I m surely subscribeing

  11. Sum Yin Chan says:

    is it possible to make it into a chocolate hotcake by just adding cocoa powder?

  12. Joanna Henry says:

    This makes so many! I got 12 baby pancakes and SO NOMMY

  13. Tan Adeline says:

    I can't find the cheese.. I'm in sg

  14. Paige Ross Xx says:

    If I didn't want to make ricotta pancakes would I just leave the ricotta out

  15. IHUFS says:

    Could you put a little bit more tattoos? Sorry, I wouldn't risk to get recipe from somebody with no ability to think for themselves!

  16. Pauline Nuss says:

    Tried this morning this recipe with my family, everyone loved it !!! Thanks a lot for the delicious recipe and channel btw 😋🍰🙏🏼

  17. doe jane says:

    btw, why do you call pancakes "hotcakes?" im south korean and we used to call pancakes "hotcakes" specifically because (i assumed) of japanese influence but why do you call pancakes hotcakes? and why do you not use buttermilk to make one because thats what i know of "american" style pancakes and those looks american style of pancakes

  18. Christie Gurganus says:


  19. Jason L says:

    put some tissues on your chest, it helps for me to watch your video.

  20. Eowynna says:

    Miam 😋
    J'essaierais de refaire cette recette 👌🏻
    Thank you

  21. Seda House says:

    we just saw Cupcake making pancake, naming it a hotcake and putting a butter on the pan for cooking a butter on it

  22. marilyn gandhi says:

    Stevia? 🙂 please

  23. Blackout says:

    Are they still nice cold? Cause probably by the time I fry them all, first ones will be cold

  24. Kitty says:

    Has anyone tried this recipe?

  25. Max Herenberg says:

    can't we add the spare egg yolks just to the though or will it be to "eggy" ?

  26. Koptyubenko says:

    Спасибо за рецепт

  27. stephanie bray says:

    Omg CupcakeJemma…these are so delish…I made this tonight with your maple syrup whipped butter & to be even greedier…I also made the salted caramel…first time I've done anything like this…& I'm so glad I tried…I love watching your YouTube channel…you have a great attitude about things…can't wait to try more recipes of yours…Steph from Australia 🇦🇺 xo

  28. Anastasia Varlami says:

    Since many people (including me) were asking what to use instead of ricotta, I’m telling you I just did the recipe and replaced ricotta with Greek yoghurt! They turned out delicious, you have to try them! Thank you Gemma for the great recipes!

  29. Suasagesmonkey says:

    Piece de resistance

  30. Koptyubenko says:

    The best of the best recepie

  31. Avanthi Hirimuthugoda says:

    can we use normal cheese instead of ricotta?

  32. Monifa 360 says:

    Love making ricotta pancake. I always make mines with fresh orange juice & zest, so amazing & delicious!! 💕

  33. Searching for Rugrats says:

    Any kind of pancakes are always better than cereal in the morning.

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