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How to Make Perfect Caramel Popcorn | Cupcake Jemma

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After using it on my Rainbow Rocky Road video, a bunch of you asked me how to make Caramel Popcorn. Well the time is NOW! Here is my recipe for the stuff. You won’t be able to stop popping!


1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp oil
90g popcorn
1 tsp salt

100ml water
210g sugar
1 tbsp butter


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  1. Good Game says:

    I've been made it with palm sugar and it came out soooo delicious and tasty (and it's more easier than this recipe!(

  2. igbokwe chiamaka says:

    Hi Gemma! Can I use evaporated milk in place of water?

  3. Michael Dunne says:

    Sugar and water (with a small blob of butter) for caramel…. How did I not know this before. You're amazing! Best channel I've subscribed to….. I may put some weight on now I know this 😂

  4. Maja Basta Šokić says:

    Tried this last night, thought I would fail at making caramel, as always, but it turned out great! Thank you so much for the recipe. The popcorn was crunchy and the caramel perfect!

  5. pikah says:

    Made it. Taste great😋

  6. Benjamín Bernáldez says:


  7. Zo Jess says:


  8. Guadalupe Cortez says:

    My Carmel started to seize when I poured it on the pop corn 😔

  9. potato says:

    It was very bad totally don’t recommend

  10. Tatenda Hazel Nyasvimbo says:

    Can l use the caramel sauce as a filling too?

  11. Bundang TV says:

    thanks for the recipe

  12. Ester Haihambo says:

    Wow man

  13. Raneem mohammd says:

    الله يسامحك

  14. Winta Zerayacob says:

    Thank you. Just what I was looking for.

  15. Magesh Magi says:

    1. First of all, the method doesn’t work to make the popcorn. With the so much of oil and butter for 90 gms of corn, it didn’t pop..
    2. Mixing sugar with water doesn’t gives you caramel.. It only gives white color sugar liquid.
    I really doubt this video.. How come she gets a nice popcorn and nice caramel. I think this is totally lie..

  16. click me says:

    watching from 2020

  17. R Nadhiban says:

    I want to start a business doing this! I’m 17 hopefully I can succeed

  18. Jumana KC says:

    How did u clean these utensils. I made the caramel and the caramel sticked to my bowl and saucepan. It's really hard to remove

  19. Islandgirl Love says:

    I made this and the amber color never came. I used white sugar, the super thin one. Anyone knows why?

  20. Tatiana Khawam says:

    I did it yesterday,it was perfect,very tasty,thank you

  21. ravinder dhaliwal says:

    If anybody noticed her body has too many tattoos

  22. dazwhatsap says:

    the trick is after you add the butter don't wait until it loses all the foam. just turn it off after 30 seconds because I waited like she said and mine burnt. the foam only goes away when you turn it off. you can add a little lemon btw

  23. Anahita Merikhi says:

    Can we use regular sugar?

  24. joy maikano says:

    I Love it!!

  25. T'yah Purcell says:

    I love this way. This my first time doing attempting and it came out perfect. I will always make it this way.😊

  26. Leen Leen says:

    She deserves more recognition❤️👏

  27. Diana Tsuchiya says:

    Today, after 3 weeks of the making of caramel popcorn, I made my first batch. Great recipe and easy to make. Thank you!!! I am delighted.

  28. Oktafia Rumengan says:

    Logatnya jelas org british

  29. Thalia-maria El hoyek says:

    Yummyyy trying this tonight!

  30. Rahman Sabik says:

    Aaaand..what if we use brown sugar?! I'm definitely going to use that 😉

  31. maNcube says:

    💃💃💃💃 yes girl, thank you thank you thank you. I made it excatly how you told me. 💃💃💃

    Just sugar and water. Wow.

  32. Jennifer Jean says:

    Easy , thanks

  33. Gerda Ivanauskaite says:

    she said it was too easy.
    me at the time turning all the mixture back to sugar😐🔫💔
    I think I f**ked up🤦‍♀️

  34. Citra Aulia says:

    weh gilee saya malah jadi bikin kecap mba e. caramelnya menghitam dalam hitungan detik 🙂

  35. Barb Angel says:

    For anyone who may not believe it, yes it works and it's delicious, just make sure you don't burn the caramel.

  36. Gülse Kayıkçı says:

    Actually it was my first time to eating caramel popcorn. And I did it by myself ! Delicious, awesome !

  37. kawaiipeach says:

    This is THE popcorn recipe. It didn't burn, it was the perfect flavor and it was crunchy. I'll recommend it to everyone. Best popcorn I've ever made.

  38. Mariah Muchora says:

    Nice video, check out my Chocolate flavoured recipe

  39. Dalo 888 says:

    I just made them they turned out AMAZING!! THANK YOU!❤️❤️

  40. _Raqi says:

    Tried this but the caramel kept cooking even after I turned the fire off and added the butter and it burned in like .00001 seconds 😑😑

  41. A B says:

    Excellent guide. Proportions are great. I recommend having it on medium to high heat with the sugar. Once the sugar starts to colour, let it colour for around 1-2 minutes more, depending how dark it gets. Then put in the butter, and switch the heat to minimum, and stir in the butter till it colours nicely and smooth. Depending on your stove, all of the sugar may not colour. This is okay, as when you mix in the butter it will fully colour.

  42. aygün doğan says:

    amazing recipe

  43. Sunset Peachys says:

    Yummmm I’m hungry !!!!!!!

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