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Swiss Meringue Buttercream Masterclass | Cupcake Jemma

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Love Italian Meringue Buttercream but hate the faff and the danger of melting sugar? This is the recipe for you! It is so easy, my dog Curtis could do it! And BOY, is it tasty! Smoother than a silky silk thing and tasty like woah! This is going to take your cakes from wow to POW!


4 egg whites (use large eggs and free-range if possible)
300g caster sugar
400g chopped unsalted butter, soft
1 tsp vanilla extract


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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Leda Botelho says:

    I recently made a carrot cake but didn't have cream cheese for frosting. This was the PERFECT pairing to the cake! Not too sweet and really goes so will with the spices and nuts. I'm so happy I found you!!! Stable in the household now.

  2. Shell Utting says:

    Maybe a silly question but can you add fresh lemon juice to flavour it (like you can when say, making American buttercream; for a zingy lemon taste) or will this split/curdle? Ta

  3. Daisy Chapman says:

    Can I replace caster sugar with light brown sugar?

  4. Suzanne Al kallaaji says:

    Hi jemma i tried this cream tnx the explication is waw but it is too sweet can i add less sugar ? If the answer is yes can u tell me how many grammes tnxxx

  5. Emma Turner says:

    I just made this buttercream.. i found it tasted really buttery… to much for me. Maybe its because im used to buttercream but i didnt like the flavour. Love every other recipe ive tried of yours up to now

  6. Asian Muffin says:

    Think of this like an emulsion. Add it gradually like you’re making a mayonnaise or hollandaise.

  7. Lea Prinz says:

    Could i also use less sugar?

  8. Eve Herskovits says:

    can you crumb coat this? on a cake? Thanks

  9. david david says:

    Do you have the recipe for Italian meringue buttercream?

  10. Balinder Panesar says:

    Hi! Amazing recipe! I'm currently making it but when I'm whisking to dissolve the sugar in the egg whites, I've been whisking over boiling water for 15 minutes and it still has very fine grains! What am I doing wrong?

  11. Penny H says:

    I’ve made this numerous times. It is just the most simple, luxurious buttercream recipe ever!
    I use 5 egg whites
    300g caster sugar
    400g chopped unsalted butter, soft (approx 3.5 sticks)
    1 tsp vanilla extract

  12. Ashlynn Anthony says:

    what do you do if you only have beater attachments

  13. Jennifer McKenzie says:

    Hi Jemma thank you for all yr lovely recipes but I don't. Have a stand mixer can I use a hand mixer instead. Thank you from Trinidad in d Caribbean. Come visit after Covid smtimes stay safe stay cooking it's yr passion.

  14. Victoria winch says:

    I’m really stuck on making this I’ve tried to make it twice and both not gone right and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong it keeps looking like soup consistency I need help please

  15. Emma Porter says:

    If I wanted to make this choccy flavour how much would you add & when?

  16. Asian Muffin says:

    So I made this and let me give two tips:
    Butter needs to be soft af, I somewhat dreamed mine. Butter should also be at the too soft stage.
    It’s a good idea to invest in a standmixer if you’re going to make this a lot. It makes it super easy.

  17. Hester Basson says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. Will this be enough to cover a 9" cake?

  18. dummibärchen says:

    I made this and it turned out great! Since I haven't found any information about how much this recipe makes, here's what I found out:
    It was enough to coat (just on the outside, I used something else for filling!) an 8 inch/20 cm cake that was 5-6 inch/12-15 cm high. I still had a little leftover, but not too much.
    Hope this helped you 🙂

  19. Precious Nyengedza says:

    Is anyone else’s just runny as

  20. Lennie Kho says:

    How to cut the recipe in half?

  21. Mikayla Sinnott says:

    Do you have to use caster sugar for the buttercream? I have tried with granulated and it didn't work (though that could be due to an issue on my end).. I know caster is slightly finer than granulated sugar, it's pretty difficult to find in stores.

  22. Barbara Bueno-Welton says:

    Is this Buttercream good for piping flowers?

  23. Alejandra Becerril says:

    Hahaha “or just eat it with a spoon” 😂 loved it

  24. ZebraaZachary Z says:

    No offence but

    You look like the Tiny Dancer villain form odd squad

  25. Hanna Krimpmann says:

    Is this suitable for pregnant people?

  26. Lamiya Mekkaoui says:

    OMG Gemma you’re amazing! 😭😭😭 your masterclasses are everything. First time making meringue today and it was ace thanks to your meringue masterclass that I watched first! Thanks 😊😊😊😊

  27. eloise panter says:

    does anyone know how many cupcakes this will ice ?

  28. Mac Montero says:

    Tried this yesterday. Best buttercream I've ever made!!!!

  29. S R says:

    To anyone wondering, this buttercream is Amazing!!!!! I've only made it as a biscoff/speculoos buttercream but I was eating it straight out the piping bag after icing my cupcakes…. honestly, its DELICIOUS

  30. pretty arki says:

    Hello jemma😊can i reduce the sugar?

  31. Atokiya Akila says:

    My swiss meringue smells eggy . Please help me .

  32. jayjay111992 says:

    how long will this keep in the fridge?

  33. Sam Piperdy says:

    Hi how we need to store and how many day we allowed to eat because they have egg on it we need to put in a fridge?

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