Circus Rainbow Marshmallow Meringues Recipe | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas

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Circus Rainbow Marshmallow Meringues Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

The circus is in town! Sort of. Well these little meringues remind me of clowns and big-tops so I thought I’d share them with you lot to brighten up your day. Super cute, colourful and fun and relatively easy to make (provided you have a long paint brush!). Get whisking!


4 egg whites (from free-range eggs at room temperature)
double the weight of your egg whites in Caster Sugar
a pinch of salt
a dash of vanilla extract
colour paste in various colours
(liquid food colouring isn’t really suitable for these as it’s weaker-coloured and difficult to use without drips)
colourful sprinkles


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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Marica Attard says:

    For how long can these be stored? Can i do them four days in advance or will the soften by then?

  2. J N says:

    Around how much time will take to melt sugar.

  3. ranger S says:

    remove or hide Tatto, please

  4. Amber O'sullivan says:

    A meringues may se easy but for those beginners it may take a while to pick it up

  5. Prathyusha Balaka says:

    How long can you store them Jemma?

  6. annette Sereno says:

    can you make meringue with less sugar also is there a way to brown it .I remember my mom made them and they were browned on the curly part

  7. Lia Gondokusumo says:

    Its 25 or 45 mnt?please help

  8. Massive milky anime tiddies says:

    Can I use raw sugar instead of caster sugar?

  9. Queen Cleo says:

    Really fabulous as always! Thanks Jemma

  10. Bianca Groes says:

    Can I use eggwhites out of the freezer? melted offcourse 😁

  11. Devin Hennings says:

    I pitty the fool who actually thought they could do this without a electric blender

  12. Yogita Kalsi says:

    Hey Jemma! what I like about all your recipe is they are super easy to remember and super easy to make.

  13. A F says:

    In Chicago, testing out this recipe. They are in the oven with 40 minute bake time left. Super Nervous First time making them. Feel very British Bake off since I weighed the ingredients not measured with cups and stuff.

  14. Gertruda Lavrenov says:

    Wait we use caster sugar or repulse sugar

  15. charlotte burbidge says:

    Can you give us your recipe of lemon curd?

  16. Regina K says:

    Just cooked them today. They are really amazing and very testy. I followed all the instructions and they look the same. Only one thing was different – time. It took me 3 hours to dry them. Otherwise it's wonderful tutorial. Thank you very much for such great ideas!

  17. Patricia Klinkhamer says:

    I just made these and I'm so proud of myself haha. Never had a meringue in my life, so I didn't know what they should taste like. But they are so sweet and soft! Definitely gonna make some more soon and experiment with the colors. But thanks Jemma for the videos and recipes ❤️ You made baking a lot more fun and easier for me 👍

  18. B l u e B e r r y's says:


  19. Josh L says:

    has anyone actually tried these in 5 years? i did & my meringue wasnt as good as Jemmas. Her colour paste looks looser than it comes in the jars. Ill try this again soon! determined

  20. Miss Candy says:

    Hi jemma i got the gas oven what is the temperature and the timing to bake??

  21. Rose Ann's Kitchen says:

    I made this meringue but i had a problem,why my meringue get sticky after get out of the oven after cooling?

  22. amna asharaf says:

    Can I know about the storage?.. Can we refrigerate them?

  23. Iuli Simionescu says:

    So… no ones marshmallows melted? :)) mine are perfect expect for the marshmallows which have melted 🙁

  24. Nyree Pryce says:

    I just tried these and they taste like hevin

  25. Домашняя Кухня. Просто и Вкусно says:


  26. Домашняя Кухня. Просто и Вкусно says:

    +1 подписка 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  27. Hiba Noor says:

    Thanks Jemma, followed this tutorial and they turned out adorable! Definitely advisable to listen to the tips! Thank you 🙂

  28. Emily Brinjak says:

    You are my hero! I long to work in your bake shop . I daydream about it. I’ve learned so much already ! Seriously … I’d work so hard ! Can I join your organization ??

  29. Rebecca Lennox says:

    How long can they last once made in fridge?

  30. Mita Thomson says:

    Love you all recipes N ❤️you voice

  31. lee gotts says:

    How long will these store for and how do you store them?

  32. Crystal thow says:

    Jemma, this is the coolest thing i have ever seen.. May i ask how do i store them ? i wanna premake it for birthday… i mean bake it tonight and serve tomorrow, do i need to put them in fridge or foodcontainer?THank you

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