Triple Biscuit Cheesecake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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November 20, 2014
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December 4, 2014
Triple Biscuit Cheesecake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Biscuit spread…possibly the best invention after peanut butter. And just like with peanut butter, once I have an open jar in my kitchen I can pretty much say goodbye to the outside world, friends, work, other more nutritious foods until that jar is finished. So to celebrate the awesomeness of biscuit spread I have decided to pimp the heck out if it by making it in to a cheesecake of super biscuity proportions. Get ready to never stop eating cheesecake!


250g Gingernut biscuits
75g melted unsalted butter
400g jar of biscuit spread/Speculoos
60g icing sugar, sifted
500g cream cheese
a few extra Gingernuts for crumble topping




  1. Baking and Decoration with Me says:

    you're the best jemma I am in love with your chanel

  2. jillhbaudhaan says:

    Have you ever tried making this recipe with the Biscoff cookies?

  3. Kunal Singh says:

    hello, can I use nutella instead of biscuit spread

  4. Aisha .H says:

    this cheesecake recipe took a whole year to get to us ..and then it becomes a trend 😂

  5. Todor Shoilekov says:

    This is bizarre!! She makes peanut butter cheesecake ! Just because you love peanut butter does not mean put it on everything

  6. nicola peabody says:

    jemmmmmma can u do a recipe for new york vanilla cheese cake please xxxx

  7. premlata sahu says:

    can I use nutella instead of biscuit spread

  8. lovepink358 says:

    this would be so good with the crunchy biscuit spread

  9. L Liy says:

    First time hearing of Biscuit Spread. Cool Recipe though 😀

  10. Leah Marks says:

    Please share your baked biscoff cheesecake recipe too!!! 💕💕

  11. K. A. U. says:

    Okay, I'm American and have no idea what "Biscuit spread/Speculoos" is, can anyone explain it and maybe suggest an equivalent? Can peanut butter or Nutella be used?

  12. Saood Saeed says:

    I made it. I made Lotus Cheesecake first time. I taste it, it was so delicious. They love it so much.

  13. inuyasha88 says:

    never heard of biscuit spread…what's it taste like?

  14. 3 things to do today says:

    How many recipes does this cheesecake serve

  15. Ash crafts says:

    love your videos jemma

  16. olivia1910 says:

    I randomly decided to make this at midnight last night and I was missing a 100g of cream cheese so it turned out to be more of a biscoff cake than a biscoff cheesecake but I'm totally okay with that haha, still delicious !

  17. Johanna Nyholm says:

    We don’t got that biscuit spread in Finland, i ordered mine from the UK!

  18. Bel Harper says:

    i love everything Jemma does and I am slowly building up my kitchen tools to become a baker extraordinaire!

  19. Fortuner Indonesia says:

    Anthonia Dewi

  20. Belly UpCooking says:

    Your Recipes are amazing!

  21. Nicholas Broun says:

    Living in Australia, it is probably not surprising that I have never heard off Biscoff or Biscuit Spread… could someone please tell me exactly what is Biscuit Spread??? what does it taste like? etc…

  22. KaylaRuth Hall says:

    This cheesecake looks fabulous

  23. Elisabeth T says:

    I know this is several years old but I looked this up because some suggested cookie butter. So I looked around and found biscoff cookie butter at target. I have two targets pretty close and they have it at one of the two. So looks like they stock it at many of them. I can’t speak for those outside the US but target is the first that came up.

  24. elle ville says:

    Love watching your videos. Aside from discussing the precise details, you're so cute and funny!

  25. bunga Barakallah says:

    So yummy

  26. Henley Phoenix says:

    Is the cream cheese the same as Philadelphia or Mascarpone?

  27. Precious Noko says:

    wow nice n easy

  28. Meri J says:

    would have been better if you had used the cookies (the oiriginal "speculoos koekjes" from Belgium) which the biscuit spread is made from to create the base of your cheesecake

  29. Selani Rathnasiri says:

    Omg this recipe is perfect . Thank you so much i really tried this out. Superb Jemma. Keep up the good work

  30. Kieran Mcelhill says:

    Hi Jemmma. I have a Question! I do alot of baking for my mother. Who is a diabetic and i am wondering if you know a cheesecake or a Pavlova recipe. That would sute her?

  31. Julia von Horn says:

    My son said, I have to subscribe, because he likes this Video and the cake very much. Thanks vor this delicious recipe and greetings from Germany✌️

  32. pr va says:

    I made this, followed the recipe exactly, and used the same equipment including type of pan, but it was impossible to remove from the pan base. The biscuit base was so solid I could only remove it by chipping at it with a knife and in places cutting right down onto the base. This damaged the non-stick and I had to throw the pan away. When I was making it I did feel that there wasn't enough butter to the amount of biscuit crumbs but I followed Jemma's proportions anyway. I'm an experienced baker, I've been baking for decades. It did taste delicious, but I no longer have a trusty long-serving cake pan.

  33. Midnight Cravings says:

    You always wear only black ,white or black n white😍

  34. Amra Ihsan says:

    Hi jemma
    I don’t like biscuit spread so can I just make this recipe without using the biscuit spread? Should I add something else instead of biscuit spread ?

  35. Maureen Naughton says:

    Only just discovered you was showing my daughter your biscoff cup cake recipe when we both said this would make an amazing cheesecake for christmas day so i looked to see if you had a basic cheesecake recipe and came across your triple biscuit cheesecake we used biscoff biscuits instead of gingernuts and my grsndaughter had a great time smashing the biscuits with a wooden spoon the whole family agreed it was an amazing cheesecake thanks jemma

  36. Roxy Haze says:

    at the cost of $14 dont no if id wanna use all of the biscuit spread lol

  37. AJ says:

    where can I buy cream cheese in the UK?

  38. Lady Tee says:

    Never made cheesecake before. Followed the Biscoff recipe, their recipe has a ratio of more butter than biscuit base and I ended up with a sloppy mess. Straight in the bin. I hate wasting food but couldn't see how to salvage the squishy mess. Frustrated, defeated and tired. Thought, "Stuff it I'm going to bed!" Found Gemna's recipe and thought, just one last try. Followed as instructed just the biscuit base was 70% Biscoff Biscuits, 30% McVities Ginger Nut as that was all I had left. Accidentally splashed marsecapone cream cheese biscoff mixture on my hand, had a lick, eyes rolled back like the exorcist, absolute heaven on a plate! Couldn't stop lickung utensils, flat blade beaters, bowl etc. Once I calmed down. Left it to set overnight and just before serving decorated with freshly sliced strawberries on top. I had a large slice, my Sister ate the rest. I said, "There's no way you can eat all that by yourself!" She said, "WATCH ME!!" 😳

    Big massive "THANK YOU" ♥️ to Gemma, pure genius, best cheesecake on this planet! 😋

  39. MadVlogs says:

    Yummy 😋 … Btw this is my take on the Biscoff cheesecake:

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