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Green Tea & White Chocolate Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma
Green Tea & White Chocolate Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |
November 13, 2014
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How to make Pinata Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma |
November 20, 2014
Crumbs & Doilies Kickstarter Video | Cupcake Jemma

cake decorating compilation

Cake Ideas

baking ideas

Hey you lot! The gang and I at Crumbs & Doilies are getting ready to open our very first shop in London and we couldn’t be more excited! To help fund the project and get everyone involved we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign, so I thought you guys might like to check out the little video we made. For more info you can check out the campaign at I’d love it if you could spread the word! Jemma x cake decorating compilation

Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. 우연이가온이 says:

    Wish your shop comes to South Korea! I'd love to go eat lovely cupcakes with my little brother🙆🏻

  2. 640 says:

    All the best Jemma…Love your video's.

  3. Jhayzeline nacisvalencia says:

    Oh my god!! I want to go there but I live in the Philippines please open another shop here😍😍

  4. Genesis Arteaga says:

    Would u mind sharing your recipe on how to make a rainbow cake ?

  5. Annisa Zuriama says:

    more photos on instagram please :D… So mouthwatering

  6. Miglė Raicevičienė says:

    Jemma, I want to work for you !!

  7. KC Washbourne says:

    You started crumbs and dollies?

  8. cee. says:

    Instagram link please

  9. choppers0delight says:

    I love your baking! Cant wait to actually go& see your beautiful work. Love& kisses from L.A

  10. Ishi Nicole Ong says:

    congratulations! well, i dont usually say this to someone but i really would like to work in your shop!

  11. rm says:

    i want to work there aaa

  12. Tracey Chivers says:

    Love all your cake videos

  13. Justice Ofori Dickson says:


  14. Justice Ofori Dickson says:


  15. TheSsarma says:

    I wanna come to your place and eat all your cupcakes 😍

  16. Jasper Rosario says:


  17. Andreia Ou says:

    alguem está a ver que e portugues

  18. Jessie mami says:

    open one in the United States mmmmmm

  19. Shaheera Khan says:

    can l get a job?

  20. Kayinator1000 says:

    Wow cupcakeJemma you are such a good cook i wish i could cook like you

  21. Kayinator1000 says:

    Where is your fantastic shop

  22. Dana Waleed says:

    What did you guys do before the shop

  23. kalex888 says:

    Most people get a loan from the bank to help start a business.

  24. Mansi Agarwal says:

    Pls write a subtitle also..

  25. Pilar Muñoz says:

    Que maravilla de caskey des España un beso

  26. Kartik Chauhan says:

    I am bakery chef I need a job in bakery I am from India

  27. Molly Hennessy says:

    I didn't know I lived so near to your new shop

  28. Bnny Slpprs says:

    The cake covered in malted milk balls, upon my seeing it, made me full-on gasp and the exhale was an involuntary laugh. Out loud. I felt 4 years old. Holy cow! I love to bake and seeing that cake showed me that the sky is the limit. Love C&D!

  29. heyheyhey says:

    if im only living in london and rich enough to buy all your products i would just to get the black card on the loyalty card. too bad im just an average. the the difference of my money to pound is 1=62.98 pounds

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