Green Tea & White Chocolate Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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November 6, 2014
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Green Tea & White Chocolate Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Green Tea is good for you right? All cleansing and full of antioxidants and the like? What about if you put it with white chocolate and make a cupcake with it? Hmmm…maybe not good for you but GOOD for your soul! And they look totally awesome.


125g self raising flour
¼ tsp bicarb
125g caster sugar
A heaped half-teaspoon of matcha powder
135g soft unsalted butter
2 large eggs
Dash tsp vanilla extract
1.5 tbsp whole milk

90g melted white chocolate
150g soft unsalted butter
270g icing sugar, sifted
2 tbsp whole milk

50g melted white chocolate
½ tsp matcha powder

Optional extras
Toasted black and white sesame seed and white chocolate crispy things!



  1. DA H says:

    I added 2 tsp of green tea powder instead of half.

  2. Prajwalita Chyntia says:

    jemma…if already using self rising flour is it need to add bicarbonate soda again…? thx

  3. Kate McEvoy says:

    Hi Jemma, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE watching your baking videos, they put a smile on my face every time I watch them! I love your baking and especially how interactive you are with your viewers and so encouraging and suggestive. Keep doing what your doing and I look forward to watching your videos every week and obviously a lot of other people do too.❤️😘👍💁🏼
    Love from Kate

  4. Min Ser says:

    I love all things matcha. This recipe is a keeper.

  5. Han Duong says:

    Can I use all-purpose flour and baking soda instead of self raising flour? If so, how much baking soda (powder)

  6. Jovita Liutinskiene says:

    are any substitutes for matcha powder?

  7. jessica canyon says:

    I just made these but filled the center with a raspberry jam – very good recipe, everyone loved them!

  8. Madisen Hillebrant says:

    Just curious why you use spoons instead of an ice cream scoop like a lot of other people do to put the batter into the cupcake tins.

  9. Kitty says:

    Hi, Jemma. Can you make a Japanese green tea ice cream?

  10. Indri Widhiastuti says:

    I've made this cupcake from your recipe and it turns so good,,, the cupcake texture is so light and fluffy.. it also great combination with white chocolate ganache frosting.. my husband & kids love it! big thanks Jemma 🙂

  11. Ashley Ng says:

    the cupcakes taste amazing but they sink in the middle 🙁 wat did I do that is wrong?

  12. Khryselle Rocha says:

    can I use normal green tea powder if I don't have the matcha powder?

  13. Zeus CR says:

    Can I use caster sugar instead of icing sugar for the frosting?

  14. NGmartini says:

    Can i put a mixture of matcha & spirulina ?

  15. Annie Compton says:

    Can you do a tattoo diary??

  16. Priyanka Sharma says:

    Jemma, please share substitute for eggs please.

  17. Evelina Jakienė says:

    For me they are too fatty. Next time will use less butter.

  18. Verna Yam says:

    Made these and they tasted delicious! Thank you for the easy to follow and great recipe!

  19. Masita Aswari says:


  20. Clare Hughes says:

    Gorgeous I love Green Tea 🍵

  21. paulette s.g says:

    This looks delicious but how could I make this recipe vegan?

  22. Ruby Shoes Dance Studio says:

    Love the music in this one 😀

  23. Sophia Louis Mariano says:

    Jemma, you got my favorite😍. Can i ask for Green tea frappe or cake?????

  24. J B says:

    This is wonderfully therapeutic to watch and fabulous instruction. Feel I’m learning from the best. Thank you so much Cupcakes Jemma! 🌟💐🙏

  25. paprika says:

    I like your face while you finished the instruction n your mixer running 😂 so funny also cute😂😂.
    Thank you for sharing.

  26. yumekai1 says:

    I love your videos for a number of reasons, but one of them is that you actually scrape your bowls to make sure nothing is wasted (a lot of cooking videos focus on clean, quick movements but end up leaving a ton of batter / chocolate / cream all over the bowls and it makes me so nervous hahaha)

  27. Regine Tabora says:

    Hi. can i use all purpose flour ?

  28. Felicia Angelica says:

    i love how a person with badass looking tattoos is also a cupcake enthusiast.

  29. Jenifer Alvarez says:

    These look amazing!

  30. youseepaige says:

    Hi jemma, is there a way to substitute matcha powder with green tea?

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