Carnaby Street Eats ft Johnny Cupcakes, Pizza Pilgrims, Stax & Crosstown Donuts | Cake Ideas | baking ideas

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Rainbow Buttercream Cupcakes with Jamie Oliver | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas
August 21, 2014
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September 4, 2014
Carnaby Street Eats ft Johnny Cupcakes, Pizza Pilgrims, Stax & Crosstown Donuts

cake decorating compilation

Cake Ideas

baking ideas

I like cooking, obviously, but I think I actually like eating MORE! I’m really lucky to live in London where there are countless tasty offerings around every corner. I want to share with you a couple of my favourites from the recent Carnaby Street Eat event as well as my good friend Johnny Cupcakes’ London store. cake decorating compilation

Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. ThaBlackkCat says:

    id fuck ya

  2. carlos baula says:

    I ship James and Jemma omg

  3. Jessel Ursua says:

    Jemma you're so vute wish to meet you in personal 😉 and teach me how to bake.. lovely ♥♥♥

  4. Jessica Vije says:

    That donut guy is cute

  5. Content Aware Phil says:

    I think you'll find there's another one beside it.

  6. Felipe Valenzuela says:

    Hahahahahaha why they have a nutella jar if they make pizza…? well actually a nutella jar is always good hahaha

  7. Grace Fisher says:

    I think pizza dude likes you, jemma :3

  8. Tricia Daskeo says:

    Is it just me or did you also thought that all of the owners that Jemma interviewed is really good looking 🙂

  9. h. h. says:

    omg i walk past Johnny Cupcakes all the time i really thought it was a cupcake shop! I've been resisting the sugar all this time lol

  10. Mary Renisse says:

    James looks like Peeta from the Hunger Games. 

  11. Antonio M. says:

    this videos was great jemma! I'd love to see more eating videos 🙂 Can't wait to try one of your cupcakes this year!

  12. deja walker says:

    I know the Johnny cupcake struggle, I have like eight shirts and 2 sweatshirts! I need more…..and that pizza…and his kitchen because they both look amazing

  13. Jessica Park says:

    Jemma and Pizza Guy are cute

  14. KaterinaTalantliva says:

    James & Jemma = cutesy heart^_^

  15. Ultramar Sac says:

    im your new subscriber

  16. Joseph Delaney says:

    You wouldn't make a video on rice pudding.
    I say you can come up with a great recipe for it.

  17. michael hobart says:


  18. malyssa erguiza says:

    You remind me of Zooey Deschsanel

  19. Adrian Vancouver says:

    Hi pls can u make more cupcakes love your video 😻❤️💜💚💙💛

  20. Annisa Zuriama says:

    so johnny is german? echt toll!

  21. assassintwinat8 says:

    was that jack?

  22. Creepyparty says:

    I love James! He's adorable

  23. Saphir Cristal Tavares says:

    I love your posts 😉 *

  24. Saphir Cristal Tavares says:

    and those pizzas!!!..txii.. i think i must fly to London to taste one of those! Great you are recommending cool places to eat! You are great! 😀 Go on! Pretty !

  25. Elida Hernandez says:

    Jemma You are really nice person.

  26. somebthatuused2know says:

    I can't be the only one that thinks the guys are acting all shy and awkward 'cause they got a little crush on jemma, right?

  27. thrsanglc says:

    I ship youuuu and james omg

  28. Jules says:

    James has a great personality. He'd actually do well as a youtuber he seems to be a natural in front of the camera haha. I live on the other side of the world but for some reason I love this video probably because I love street food and markets 🙂

  29. cat lover says:


  30. Shekivon Smith says:

    Can you send me a free cake book please I love your videos I watch the easy marshmallow , English stones chocolate chip cookie and the cookie dough filled with ore cookies and the pj's cookies

  31. Carla Eráusquin Bayona says:


  32. Shekivon Smith says:

    Yes as a gift

  33. Fiewd Addict says:

    Watched this a billion times and I still ship Jemma and James!!

  34. knowwe says:

    He "run tings" does he? ur sweet lol

  35. sel says:

    That's the reason why I can't resist food.. All so yummy and delicious! 'I'm on a seafood diet. When I see food I eat it' hahaha. Jemma is now my online London food tour guide 😀 Love your videos and always excited to see new ones on Friday. Makes the day even better //thumbs up

  36. somebthatuused2know says:

    5:23 all i want is someone to look at me the way james looks at jemma

  37. Quy Nguyen says:

    You all are shipping James and Jemma while I'm here just dreaming about those two making a supreme pizza cake.

  38. Hella Green says:

    I've used one of those dishwashers…amazing.

  39. LunarCatan says:

    Oh boy these are on my bucketlist now.

  40. Velonica Von says:

    I can't really catch what Jemma said after passion and skills? (At the crossdonut stop) "anyone who…got my food respect." Can someone help me out? Thanks.

  41. Marlita Benning says:

    You remind me if Reese Witherspooon

  42. Nicole Myers says:

    We call them panzarotti in (South) Jersey, from Franco's they top any and all forms of pizza related goodness. Do your self a favor and make the trip if possible.

  43. Susan Rosero says:

    tnx for the recipe…ur cute

  44. Susan Rosero says:

    by the way how many days can i keep ur cupcake?tnx.

  45. renz db says:

    THE WAY HE LOOK AT HER 05:19 😍😂

  46. murad miah says:

    You're a natural presenter. Loved IT!!!

  47. Sa Ya says:

    The best dimples EVER!
    But really hate all the tatts, looks sloppy.

  48. Happy in the kitchen says:

    Hi jamma .can ask you is this doughnuts baked not fried in oil .

  49. Muhd Reza says:

    2:392:42 Now you tell me

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