Strawberries & Cream Ice Lolly Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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July 3, 2014
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Strawberries & Cream Ice Lolly Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Summer’s here! Yay! To celebrate and cool down I’m making these tasty and natural Strawberries & Cream ice lollies with my version of Magic Ice, for a bit of crunch. They are really easy so stop buying lollies from the shop y’all!

350g strawberries (without tops)
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup double (heavy) cream
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 or 5 extra strawberries for chunks!
100g white chocolate
50g coconut oil
sprinkles (optional)

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  1. amyplays MCPE says:

    Can you use regulaur sugar and milk chocolate?

  2. jthsee1989 says:

    I love vn
    I hate🍠australia

  3. niamh pointon says:

    Where did you buy your lolly mould?

  4. The Duchess says:

    The y look so good. I'll have to try it and then wrap each one in clear plastic wrap and tie it with a bow.  Thanks.

  5. Imi Wallis says:

    Where did you get that popsicle (or lolly) mold thing? So cute!

  6. kaylin Pilat says:

    Am I the only one who has the problem that my chocolate hardens right away so when someone says to let the chocolate cool down I chant do it because my chocolate hardens

  7. Wendy Abrajan says:

    coconut oil to make lipstick and for my hair.

  8. Tejaswini Manjunath says:

    Hey jemma! can you bake egg less cupcakes ? pleasseee

  9. Monica Rose says:

    the unicorn poop cookies

  10. ضوى الشملان says:

    In 4:13 there was onther lolly pop

  11. Erika Clippinger says:

    The face at the end of this while you're holding up the finished product screams "Hi, I'm Jemma, and I'm 5 years old. I love my ice lollies." It was really adorable! I know I'd be that happy if I had these in my freezer!

  12. Sophia Chen says:

    anyone knows the brand//model of spatula/spoonula she's using ? ( the baby pink one ) !

  13. just commenting says:

    I love how Jemma has tattoes even if shes a baker.

  14. Elliana Franklin says:

    Can you use something else besides coconut in the melted white chocolate?

  15. M Asim says:

    can you use a whisk to mix the strawberries or not? and where did you get the ice pop tools?

  16. WhitehorseParthouse says:

    U so sexy. My favorite

  17. ms_bsweet says:

    I am going to make them.  I love your choice of words that you use in your videos, "blob" hehe…

  18. graceadeline1990 says:

    Its funny how even in the English Summer the coconut oil is still thick. Whereas in the Australian Summer mine looks like water. Mine probably looks like that in the month leading up to Winter.

  19. Patrick McCabe says:

    I was at your shop earlyer

  20. Mirza Saad says:

    can we use mango instead of strawberry?

  21. Bella novia says:

    This is genius

  22. Adaora Akanegbu says:

    Hi jemma. Can u make a mango one, thank u

  23. Magdalena Haldin says:

    the siv was completely unnecessary

  24. Rachel Ryan says:

    Where do you get your ice lolly moulds?

  25. hema shubha says:

    Could you provide a link to buy the popsicle moulds pls? Thy look really good. Thanks 🙂

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