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Classic Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

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It doesn’t always have to be about new fangled flavour combinations and complicated methods. Sometimes what you need is the simplest thing to make you happy. Enter, The Victoria Sponge! This is a great British Classic using the simplest ingredients to create a really delicious tea-time treat which is just right for Summer picnics.


Start by weighing 3 large free-range eggs in their shells.

Whatever they weigh, you will need to measure the same weight of the following-

softened unsalted butter
caster sugar
self-raising flour

You will also need –

1 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tbsp whole milk


300ml double (heavy) cream
3 tsp caster sugar
a punnet of fresh LOCAL strawberries!
some caster sugar for sprinkling on top

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Suad Dahir says:


  2. Suad Dahir says:

    What flour do you use? Please reply

  3. Raheela Shafi Fernandes says:

    Tried this yesterday, amazing!! Thank you! 😋❤️❤️❤️

  4. googleflex says:

    I love your videos Jemma, you are my favourite baker here and I trust your reciepes so much!

    Question: What is the ideal way to store a victoria sponge? It was a warm sunny day today and my cream started to melt. I put the cake in the fridge and after some time the sponge dried. Please asdvise, Much love! xoxox

  5. Cooking & Sewing with Naseem says:


  6. streetninja81 says:

    Where's the jam?

  7. saksham singh says:


  8. Mia Schu says:

    I would never ever add baking powder to a Victoria sponge cake. If you've creamed the butter and sugar correctly, and beaten in the eggs thoroughly, it should rise perfectly. Just be sure not to be heavy handed when folding in the flour – you don't want to beat out the air you just created. If you have a fancy mixer, like Jemma's, you can trust it to fold in the flour on its lowest setting. If you have a hand mixer, or food processor, then fold the flour in by hand (a figure of eight movement, using a spatula or large metal spoon). Although, using a machine might be why Jemma adds baking powder (?)

  9. Kimberlita LV says:

    This is now my staple sponge cake recipe. Thank you again Jemma! ❤️❤️

  10. PIGEON PRANKS says:

    2:34 "that weird spray stuff" lol Jemma uses it in her recent vids. great vid and ty

  11. Sadia Alvi says:

    Absolutely loove your recipes as they are well explained throughout , I have tried few and after couple of attempts they turn out yummy . Compare to all celebrity bakers out there you absolutely know how to teach Jemma 💕

  12. In The Beginning Was The Word says:

    Guys as a born and bred Brit (Hertfordshire but now Stateside) I can't stress how important it is to pop your ingredients into the mixer, DO NOT put your ingredients in, 'pop' them in. There's a difference!

  13. skinnytecboy says:

    Attempting to make this today in readiness for VE Day tomorrow. Great stuff ma’am

  14. Divya Dewan says:

    Measurements in cups please

  15. Sarah Frawley says:

    My go to recipe for cake!
    Really easy to remember, used this recipe a couple of times now and people always say it's great cake. Thanks Jemma!

  16. Brittney Williamson says:

    I made this today for my mom for Mother’s Day and it looks great!

  17. Daniella Binch says:

    Anybody know how to convert this for a 4inch Tin?


    Is it possible to get the timings for this to be cooked in a microwave, my electric oven is pants and I thought that this could be cooked in a microwave too. Love your channel 😍🤩😊

  19. nuvaira usman says:

    Qhat if i dont have a mixer?

  20. Kans Choclate says:

    You not put jam

  21. Lucy Hayward says:

    Your cakes are amazing!! lovely Victoria Sponge.

  22. jed cee says:

    very nice. i have been baking victoria sponge cake as its my husbands fave. how do you make the cream not melting away ? everytime i do it it seems to ooze out from the cake .

  23. Daniel Kim says:

    So light fluffy and aestheticaly pleasing. But I am afraid the recipe creates a product that is too posh and refined so as to be intimidating. Can you please make a version that appeals to the Council House and Violent demographic? Just to be more inclusive and politically correct.

  24. Paige Stewart says:

    taste great

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