PB&J Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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May 1, 2014
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PB&J Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

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If you ever had a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich in your packed lunch when you were at school, you will know that it is the KING of Sandwiches. But what if…? ..no…that would be madness, surely. What if you took those magic ingredients and Cupcaked them? Then we are probably talking world domination by the Mega-Lord of Sweetness. The PB&J Cupcake is about to take over! And here’s how you do it…

250g Self Raising Flour
250g Caster Sugar
1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of (baking) soda
1/2 tsp salt
100g Peanut Butter
270g Soft Unsalted Butter
4 large free-range eggs
2 tbsp Whole Milk

300g soft Unsalted Butter
120g Peanut Butter
540g Sifter Icing Sugar
3-4 tbsp Whole Milk


Bob’s your Uncle! x



  1. Dr Ghost Duck says:

    Am I the only one who grabs a spoon and just eats the peanut butter from the jar…
    Yes. Ok😢

  2. zwithgol says:

    I thought Brits didn't eat peanut butter and jelly together?

  3. Tubbie L says:

    I'm on a diet but i decided to make these thinking i definitely wont eat any and ill just give it to my family but after they were done they looked and smelled sooo good i just couldnt stop snacking on little pieces of it and now Im sooo fat😭😭😭😭

  4. alice carver says:

    Mmmm i made these and they were delicious.. And not to over powering!! They were light fluffy and tasty .. Absolutely delicious

  5. Carmencita Villafane says:

    Can you write the grams in cups form plz😊

  6. La Kakooey says:

    You are the master of recipes. P.B. + jelly cupcakes are absolutely amazing. Thank you for this awesome recipe.

  7. Mushk Nizam says:

    Can you please give this recipe in cups… I'm really planning on making itt… It looks so appetizing… 🙂 Yummyumm yumm

  8. Emma Gilbert says:

    Does anyone know which piping nozzle this is?!

  9. NeonCooky says:

    Really love how cute quirky and fun your videos are 😀

  10. laurie dearborn says:

    I love all your videos! These are by far my favorite ones!

  11. Brad Martin says:

    Hello from the USA. I have a quick question, instead of raisin flour, can you just use regular flour?

  12. Kelly Nguyen says:

    Jemma what is the fastest way to soften butter because i was not planning to make cupcake and the butter is straight out of the fridge. What should i do now? hope to see your reply. Thank you!

  13. Angilie Suarez says:

    can i use the store bought crunchy peanut butter?

  14. Annie Choy says:

    Can I put less sugar? Cuz I afraid the cake will be too sweet ☺️

  15. Carmen Compain says:

    Your jam recipe ?!????????

  16. Laua Mulikiha'amea says:

    Hi Jemma, i hate peanut butter but i baked this for my brother and he LOVES it even i did litterly the icing was my fave lol im a massive fan from New Zealand

  17. jacinthtan says:

    Jemma, I tried making these PB&J cupcakes and I just wanted to say that they are absolutely amazing! You are a genius! Thank you for sharing your recipes! x

  18. Hiba Noor says:

    I really like it

  19. Kim Bas says:

    can we use oily peanut butter?

  20. Bilal Williams says:

    can I halve the ingredients to make only 12 many thanks

  21. infinitely immortal says:

    She's really funny.

  22. Meghan Demers says:

    I made the peanut butter butter cream for chocolate cupcakes and it was delicious

  23. Blanca Avilez says:

    Ms. Jemma…. Do you have a link to the recipe to make your peanut butter and icing sugar topper you used for your cupcakes?

  24. Libby Rawlings says:

    I made these for my mums birthday and she absolutely loved them and so did I ! Thank you very much

  25. brunycharmed says:

    Is this for 24 or 12 cupcakes ?

  26. Ainun Qalb says:

    Hi Jemma, can i use buttermilk instead? if yes, is the ratio stay the same as whole milk?

  27. freedom to love says:

    i love watching ur videos gemma…

  28. Sara Magdy says:

    I love your elite cooking way jemma ❤❤

  29. jean meechan says:

    has anybody made these with with a pb substitute? im planning on using wowbutter soy spread"

  30. Denise Lopez says:

    I don’t have self rising flour. Can I use AP?

  31. Claire Peart says:

    Hi – loving all your wonderful recipes and tutorials – thank you. Making these today for a friends birthday – is it bicarbonate of soda being used or baking powder as in the comments the wording is both? Many thanks in advance for your reply 👍

  32. tookie cookie says:


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