How to make Lavender Caramels | Cupcake Jemma |

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April 24, 2014
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May 8, 2014
How to make Lavender Caramels | Cupcake Jemma

I love using lavender in my baking and this recipe will convert any doubters! These Lavender Caramels are chewy, creamy and fragrant and only have a handful of simple ingredients. Try making them without the lavender but adding a teaspoon of salt and some vanilla for Salted Caramels! Recipe below…


3/4 cup of double (heavy) cream
1.5 tbsp Food Grade Lavender
A Pinch o’ Salt (or a full teaspoon if making Salted Caramel)

1 cup of Caster Sugar
1/2 cup of Golden Syrup (if you can’t get that, use Corn Syrup)
(temp to reach is 155*C then 127*C after the cream mixture goes in)

60g chopped unsalted Butter

**WARNING!!** caramelised sugar is HOT! Don’t go getting any on your skin as you will have to go to hospital! Use a sugar thermometer and, most importantly, use your brain!



  1. Andrielle Rodriguez says:

    XD i think i heard you say i think golden syrup is better though

  2. Uriel Montes says:

    she's so funny and pretty! Hahaha
    Greetings from Mexico!

  3. Jenny Ryder says:

    I love your videos… but the little ding that sounds when your measurements/ingredients pop up is SO loud… If I turn the volume up to hear what you're saying, the ding is almost unbearable. Really hurts my ears when I'm wearing headphones (which I have to do more often than not because of my surroundings). Thanks!

  4. alaa aldarwish says:

    lovely! Can i skip the lavender and just make it without lavender? or maybe add sea Salt on top of it at the end? 

  5. Ryunhee Kim says:

    She is so cute and gorgeous :)) and also her videos are amazing!!

  6. lavender clement says:

    My name is lavender

  7. Eva Abdulina says:

    Great recipe! Made these and then another bunch with zest of one clementine, two cloves and some vanilla seeds! Ideal as a Christmas present. 

  8. Eucharia Ogbonna says:

    Make me one

  9. Martha B says:

    The loud bing after every ingredient was deafening! I had to turn the volume down so much I couldn't hear what you were saying:( looks yummy though

  10. 101FERNANDES says:

    Hi Jemma! Lovely videos! Can't stop watching them! 🙂 I have some questions, please: The saucepans you are using are stainless still or aluminium? Whats the brand? Can I use heavy duty aluminium saucepan for making caramel? Thank's a lot for sharing such wonderful recipes!

  11. Dan says:

    My Kilner thermometer only goes up to 140c, what do? 🙁

  12. Leo Hultén says:

    YOU'RE a little sweet! owo

  13. assassintwinat8 says:

    could you pop this in the fridge, or would the quick temp change be too much to handle?

  14. specialbethx says:

    So pleased I've found your channel! Love your work and style… can't stop watching! Thanks xx

  15. Sophie Smith says:

    Jemma! I tried to make these today and I think I burnt it! Is your house meant to smell like fire whilst making these? Where did I go wrong?!

  16. Trish Bradley says:

    Jemma, please share your version of lavender lemon cupcakes!!

  17. nur sharizan says:

    My caramel candy only hardens when in the refridgerator , and when i takes it out it kinda softens . where did i go wrong ?

  18. Abigail Ellis says:

    Can i use this caramel recipe to make caramel apples? Or would it be too thick?

  19. Ellie Moore says:

    I agree with the quiet "Golden syrups nicer though" at the 1:57 mark

  20. Haul Fan says:

    i appreciet that you are making some of the things that are suitable for almost all religions

  21. Aoife McLoughlin says:

    I made these twice and both times they burnt before the temperature reached 155, what am I doing wrong?

  22. Sav S-S says:

    hi Jemma. I'm 13 and my mums favourite caramel is Russian Caramel. Could you please do a recipe on how to make them so I can make it for my mums birthday?
    p.s. I'm a huge fan and I know there are other Russian caramel recipes but I like to only use yours 🤗
    love you x

  23. donovan says:

    Where would I buy lavender?

  24. Rebecca Goldsmith says:

    what could I use instead of double cream for a lactose free alternative?

  25. goldfish1871 says:

    can i use lavender extract instead of lavender off the plant?

  26. Artistic Addison says:

    I thought she said crumbs and doilies not crumbed and diaries

  27. kyblbrd1 says:

    I made a lovely lavender buttercream that tasted like shaving cream. So proud

  28. Kathryn Chandler says:

    i think you are great.

  29. Ashanta L says:

    Do we have golden syrup in America?

  30. Predrag Marinkovic says:

    Jemma, can I put honey instead golden syrup? Thanks. I like your channel. Greeting from Serbia.

  31. Hannah Plas says:

    Can you maybe make some hard candy? Maybe show us an orange-flavoured one? I’d also love to know how to make hard candy with a gooey centre. That would be so great!😍

  32. Syed Anzar Ahmed says:


  33. Syed Anzar Ahmed says:


  34. Syed Anzar Ahmed says:


  35. Stellar Star says:

    That seems like a TON of lavender! Wow.

  36. Katebezani says:

    I would make this but I don’t know what the measurements are for Cups I only youse grams

  37. Saloni Surana says:

    From where to get food grade lavender ?

  38. Steve Hausman says:


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