How to make Rainbow Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma |

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February 13, 2014
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February 26, 2014
How to make Rainbow Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

Hey guys, the time has come… FOR RAINBOW CUPCAKES!! Here is a great little recipe showing you how to make perfect, awesome, multi-coloured cupcakes! These cakes are guaranteed to impress and they’re simple to make! Have a watch and give them a go!!




  1. tasnim syeda says:

    where do you get your piping bags from?

  2. Amrita Kadernani says:

    Anyone knows measurements in cups please

  3. TheOG X PizzaGari says:


  4. Ligu Ahmed says:

    mmmmmmm my mouth is watering

  5. Ligu Ahmed says:

    i made it was delicous mmm

  6. Zara Yousef says:

    Do you still put your coloirings in the milk even if they are not gel

  7. Sue Huntley-Barlow says:

    I cannot wait to try these out for our Summer Fayre this month!

  8. Rosie Bigley says:

    Can you use food colouring in liquid form instead of paste?

  9. MULTIFANDOM 케이팝 팬 BUNNY says:

    + Cupcake Jemma can we use liquid instead of paste. Thank you

  10. lin lin says:

    It look so delicious

  11. SunShineBaker says:

    I loved these cupcakes! I tried somthing like this on my channel but with a twist 😀

  12. INGRID M. says:

    is bicarbonate of soda, a baking soda or baking powder? plss answer my question

  13. Leamsi Alconaba says:

    Hi jemma! I really love your cupcakes! Thanks for inspiring us young aspiring bakers to be a good baker someday! Thanks for all your efforts!

  14. MLM says:

    i like Jemma she's so good at baking and she inspired me alot thanks Jemma ur the best!!! 😉

  15. hadiya said says:

    you are so good

  16. Jaye Munro says:

    Thank you for your video! Going to make this for a 2 year old's birthday on Saturday 🙂

  17. amadi razak says:

    You are the best

  18. Rebecca O leary says:

    They look so good! How come everytime you say click the cake etc.. it doesn’t work for me? What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried it both on my iPhone and iPad so does it not work on IOS?? TIA. Xxx

  19. Jessica Antoniou says:

    Best channel on you tube !!

  20. Gulya Swift says:


  21. Poldy P says:

    Over the years you gone through many different stand mixers. Which one was the cheapest you was really surprised with?

  22. Chandra Re says:

    It looks more rainbow like if you make increasing amounts of batter: purple to red

  23. Monifa 360 says:

    Love making this a few years ago for my little buns 3rd birthday. His classmates & teachers were so surprise!! Definitely one of my favorite ways to use colours 💕

  24. Sophie 1111 says:

    Don’t have self raising flour. What can I do?

  25. antonettedaniel says:

    Love love LOVE this thank you so much!

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